The photographs on this page are by author and photographer Chris Behan, of Little Street, Sulgrave,  who has kindly offered to undertake a “roving commission” with a view to providing this website with images of the village and its residents on a regular basis.

Before moving on to the photographs, please click here to enjoy Chris’ video interpretation of the changing seasons as seen across Madam’s Close towards Sulgrave Manor.

Comments on any of the photographs will be welcome. Please go to “Leave a Reply” at the foot of this page


Sulgrave Farm Panorama. 14th February 2019


View from the rear of Magpie Farm. 14th February 2019.


The winter sun viewed from the Sulgrave-Stuchbury Parish Boundary. 14th February 2019


Village Green floral display. 15th February 2019


Solar Farm near Butts Farm. 14th February 2019


Snowdrops and croci or is it crocuses. Village Green. 15th February 2019


My favourite view of the village from Cave’s Dairy Ground Field. 14th February 2019


Foot prints in the snow come rain or shine Freddie the Fox still takes his morning stroll across Madam’s Close, Littlecote’s back garden before vanishing through the hedge into Fox Haven. 1st February 2019


The Stance – the triangular field opposite Magpie Farm where the Welsh drovers herded their cattle overnight whilst they bed and breakfasted in the Magpie, then an inn. 23rd January 2019


Grand design, Little Street. 18th January 2019


The best of the village shop. Sausage rolls and Cornish pasties. 1st February 2019


Snowdrops in the Church Yard. Can spring be far behind? 31st January 2019


What the papers say. 31st January 2019


 Long tall shadow – me walking across Cave’s Dairy Ground Field. 29th December 2018


I guess it’s cold turkey again. 29th December 2018


 2018 is coming to an end and the wintry sun’s rays cast a warm glow over Sulgrave. 29th December 2018


Christmas Eve. Moonlight, a street light and Chestnut House illuminate Little Street to guide Santa on his way. 24th December 2018


 Hodie Christus Natus Est – The east end of St James the Less decorated for Christmas. 23rd December 2018


A splash of red and a new sign put a first class stamp on the village post office. 13th December 2018


A Star window – let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. 7th December 2018


Good King Wenceslas looked out. 7th December 2018


Signs of the times – follow yonder star, it’s advent. 6th December.


Manor Repairs – Minor Repairs. 6th December 2018


The Manor’s security lights illuminate the November night mist. 22nd November 2018


Misty Helmdon Road. 22nd November 2018


A bird does not change its feathers because the weather is bad – African proverb. 22nd November 2018.


A different view of the church and a crewcut for the hedgerow. 13th November 2018



Sulgrave traffic jam. 13th November 2018


Horses and hounds, well almost. 12th November 2018


The last of the autumn shine – if winter comes can spring be far behind – Madam’s Close. 12th November 2018


Armistice Day notice board. 12th November 2018


Remembering the fallen, the Church of St James the Less. 10th November 2018

Click here to read the stories of the eighteen by visiting the Church page on the website and scanning down to “The Church War Memorial”.


The east window ledge, Church of St James the Less, commemorating 100 years since the end of WW1. 

 10th November 2018.


Dom preparing the site for the village defibrillator mounting post. 7th November 2018


Great Britain in the cloud over Sulgrave. 2nd November 2018


Workers always attract an audience even if it is only Ian Cherry’s Steers. Hope that’s right. Richard.

31st October 2018


Fence maintenance. 31st October 2018


All Hallows’ Even celebration at the Star. 31st October 2018


 But the verge is still open – Helmdon Road. 26th October 2018


A fresh autumn dawn over Little Street. 25th October 2018


 Not the site of the mandatory archaeological dig, just a quick way to dig up the front garden border.

18th October 2018.


Rain soaked Magpie Road glistens as dusk colours the sky behind Magpie Farm. 16th October 2018


The Chestnuts’s 200 year old well water pump back in action, well almost, thanks to modern technology.

26th September 2018


GIVE ME SOME TIME TO MOW THE GRASS DOWN with apologies to any sea shanty lovers.

26th September 2018


Bird’s eye view of horse and rider on Weston Road. 30th August 2018


Sulgrave nestling in the trees. 30th August 2018


Worth getting drenched to the skin to see the rainbow from the Concrete Road. Note second outer rainbow. 25th August 2018


 Rectory Farm and the Wool House glowing red from the setting sun and a rainbow over Wool House. 24th August 2018,


Mother Nature at its best. An archway of Autumn berries greets walkers as they approach the churchyard footpath. 23rd August 2018


View of new Park Lane name plate. 23rd August 2018


Mother Nature at its best. Soft late summer sunbeams shine through the trees at Castle Green.

21st August 2018


Workers always attract an audience even if it is only Ian Cherry’s heifers. 15th August 2018


Scalded Sepia Sulgrave. 29th July 2018


A lane with no name we’re in the dark again. 29th July 2018


It must be Tuesday Chris the fish man is here. 26th June 2018


Tidying the Manor gardens. 1st June 2018


Sulgrave Manor view from upstairs window. 1st June 2018.


MCP! Madam’s Close parking Tudor Fair Sulgrave Manor. 1st June 2018


May saw my first sighting of a red kite in Little Street in June it is my first sighting of a dragonfly in Little Street. 1st June 2018.


George Washington from the Manor window. 1st June 2018.


First floor Manor view looking north. 1st June 2018


Colourful Threeways border. 1st June 2018


Wootton House. 15th May 2018

Wisteria Cottage. 15th May 2018

God like sausage rolls no it must be the absolutely fabulous meaning delightful. 15th May 2018

Fresh green. 15th May 2018

Eagle House. 15th May 2018

Cherry blossom church. 15th May 2018

Build me up buttercup. 15th May 2018

May day holiday sun setting in the west – Weston road. 7th May 2018


25 degrees and rising Sulgrave’s hottest May day bank holiday on record. 7th May 2018


The sound of the first lawnmower is sadly no replacement for the missing cuckoo this year. 6th May 2018

(Happily, the cuckoo has been heard in the village by several people. Ed)


Blossoming Weston Road. 6th May 2018


Castle Green floral border. 6th May 2018


Fifty shades of green in the churchyard. 5th May 2018


Church Street blossom. 5th May 2018


Glorious spring blossoms Church Street. 5th May 2018


Spring springs to life amongst the gravestones. 5th May 2018


Magnolia tree Little Street. 5th May 2018


Sulgrave’s spring skyline. 5th May 2018


Nature gives to every time and season some beauties of its own. 30th April 2018


When in doubt wear red. Bill Blass – Fashion Designer. 30th April 2018


Shovel handles and broom handles but no fork handles. 15th April 2018


Little Street a clean sweep. 15th April 2018


Careful with the horses we’ve just cleaned Little Street. 15th April 2018


A spring cleaned daffodil lined Helmdon Road welcomes you to Sulgrave. 7th April 2018


Helmdon pot holed Road. 7th April 2018


It’s Sulgrave’s street spring cleaning saturday. 7th April 2018


Prize for the best bit of rubbish found. Golf ball School Street. 7th April 2018


Spring is still struggling to shine, Castle Green. 7th April 2018,


Hey, How do you like my new Wrap? It’s filling, delicious and packed with flavour. 4th April 2018


Half term daffodils. 4th April 2018


The rays of the setting sun illuminate the trees against a dark stormy sky walking on the footpath to the Stuchbury cottages on the road to Helmdon. 27th March 2018


“Ne’er cast a clout till may be out”. It may be the first day of spring but the snow still lies on the road to Marston. 21st March 2018

(Make the most of this attractive footpath to the Stuchbury cottages on the road to Helmdon during the coming Summer. It will be shut for the construction of HS2 High Speed Rail Line from next Spring until 2026!)


Astronomical winter departs hopefully only with a fine dusting of snow. 18th March 2018.


The first day of spring and the golden yellow trumpets of the first daffodils glow in the sunshine. 21st March 2018


March 21st 2018. The morning sun shines through the trees across a frost covered Madam’s Close. Spring has arrived.


Mud, glorious mud. Anglian Water repairing broken pipe caused by BT. Oops! 10th March 2018


You’ll need more than a shovelful to stop that. 10th March 2018


Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink. 10th March 2018


Little Street shower. 10th March 2018


Dark Lane, Park Lane, call it what you like but today it’s Snow Lane. 3rd March 2018


G’day Sulgrave, it’s 42 in Aussie. 3rd March 2018


No papers today but hay OK. 3rd March 2018


Woof! Well, it’s Chris Behan with his camera. He must be barking mad in this weather. 3rd March 2018


The road is the safest place to walk. 3rd March 2018


Special delivery to the village store. 3rd March 2018


Snow white stocks green. 3rd March 2018


Snow white Castle Green. 3rd March 2018


Snow parking lane. 3rd March 2018


Big drifts in Little Street. 3rd March 2018


As well as yesterday, today and no doubt for a few days to come. 3rd March 2018


We need a carrot for his nose. 3rd March 2018


Ain’t I clever? 3rd March 2018


A few days late but better late than never. 3rd March 2018


Love in store. 14th February 2018


Tracks of my tyres with apologies to Smokey Robinson. 7th February 2018


Sad. 7th February 2018


Mind the post. 7th February 2018


Lay down Aunt Sally, with apologies this time to Eric Clapton. 7th February 2018

See “Aunt Sally Challenge” at the Star Inn.


A golden eagle in the hand…… 7th February 2018


The eagle has landed. 7th February 2018


A gentle reminder that Sulgrave is still a farming village. Note for the observant: by law, tractors do not have to display registration numbers on the front. 30th January 2018


It’s snack time – the Village Shop. 31st January 2018


“Wanna cry, wanna croon, wanna laugh like a loon, it’s that old supermoon in your skies”. 31st January 2018

More on “supermoon” by Chris Behan.


“Where’s tha bin?” Take a bit more than Yorkshire grit and Hampshire sheen to sort this out!. 24th January 2018


Another snowy Sunday morning walk with the dogs. 21st January 2018


A row of Discovery Apple Trees near the Old Windmill. Discovery Apples are one of the earliest apples in the UK. 18th January 2018.


Sulgrave Farm basking in the glow of the winter sun. 18th January 2018.


The West End of Sulgrave. 18th January 2018.


Distant views towards Culworth. 18th January 2018.


Now guess who runs through this field every night to Helmdon Road. 10th January 2018.


The Kingdom of Heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field. 10th January 2018.


Distant views. Sulgrave peeping over winter wheat field. 10th January 2018.


Manor View Cottage, now without a view. 10th January 2018.

See how “Manor View” lost its view!


January farming. Repair and renewal of gates. 10th January 2018.


All bar none! The Star Inn. 16th November 2017.


“SKIP TO MY LOO!” – with apologies to anonymous. 5th January 2018


The clouds of Storm Eleanor rush across fields to the west of the village. 3rd January 2018


The sun catches the end of Spinners Cottages as the Eleanor storm clouds sweep by. 3rd January 2018


Oops! Name plate dropping. 3rd January 2018


Rarely photographed back of Sulgrave Manor. 3rd January 2018


A Sulgrave Wet Winter. 2nd January 2018


Wet winter reflections. 2nd January 2018


Great Green – Little Street. 28th December 2017


Turn around when possible. 28th December 2017


Make a U-turn. 28th December 2017


The North Face of the Graveyard. 27th December 2017


Three days to go – last but not least. 21st December 2017


A quiet corner with a view, in loving memory. 21st December 2017


Christmas Deliveries – Horse and Home. 21st December 2017


Dusk, the Winter Solstice, Church Street. 21st December 2017


In loving memory. 21st December 2017


The Winter Solstice at Noon – St James the Less, less the sun! 21st December 2017


This year, no crowds, no mince pies, just peace on earth. 21st December 2017


Triangles, the Holy Trinity. 21st December 2017


Christmas Wreath. Manor Road. 15th December 2017


A winter birds’ delight, red berries in abundance. School Street. 15th November 2017


The low winter sun illuminates Church Street and Park Lane. 15th December 2017.


Oh, the weather outside is frightful. 10th December 2017


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. 10th December 2017


Snow is glistening, a beautiful sight. Madam’s Close. 10th December 2017


Snow layers, Haddon Cottage. 10th December 2017


Walkies in a winter wonderland, Madam’s Close. 10th December 2017


The flags of the special relationship flutter in the morning breeze, the morning sun bathes the Manor in a winter glow and a few flakes of snow still rest on the roof. 8th December 2017


A flag follows the wind. 8th December 2017.


Early morning trot and a dusting of the first snow of winter on Colin’s car. 8th December 2017


Attention! Neat and tidy wheelie bins. 8th December 2017


December farming, hedging, or should I say “treeing”, the Pebbles Field, Helmdon Road. 5th December 2017
Click here to see names of fields in Sulgrave Parish.


December farming. The modern way of hedge laying, or “hedging” as we used to say. The Pebbles Field, Helmdon Road. 5th December 2017

A Super Moon is only supposed to be seen once in a blue moon. This one is the second in thirteen months.

3rd December 2017


This is no “Van ordinaire”. 2nd December 2017


Cold December Saturday. 2nd December 2017


‘Old it, bang, wallop, what a picture, what a photograph! 2nd December 2017


Libby and her dogs. Christmas Market. 2nd December 2017


John buying his and Celia’s fish and chip supper. 2nd December 2017


Jane and one green bottle hanging…… 2nd December 2017


Christmas Market. 2nd December 2017


Chestnuts roasting on an open fire. 2nd December 2017


But small is the gate and narrow is the road that leads to life. 2nd December 2017


Friday night is butcher’s night. 1st December 2017


Good Morning, Madam’s Close. 25th December 2017


Manor Christmas Market. Melanie selling preserves for the Porch Charity, 25th December 2017


12 NOON. It’s not GMT or even UTC. It’s SULGRAVE TIME. 24th November 2017


Tracey and Jackie in Sulgrave Shop. 23rd November 2017


Budget Day papers in the shop. 23rd November 2017


Winter sun bathes the Sulgrave Shop shelves. 23rd November 2017


The first frost of winter and a Sulgrave dawn. 17th November 2017.


The first frost of winter as the dawn sun highlights fading autumn leaves. 17th November 2017.


Red sky at night over Sulgrave heralding a second frost of winter. 17th November 2017


The falling leaves of red and gold drift by the Sulgrave Winter Sun. 12th November 2017


The falling leaves of red and gold in Manor Road. 27th October 2017


Albino squirrels? Never seen one! Garden Wall, Little Street. 10th November 2017


November farming. Ian Cherry hedge cutting in Madam’s Close. 10th November 2017


November tree cutting in the Church Yard. 2nd November 2017


Veteran Car, Sulgrave. 26th October 2017


Modern October farming – Silaging. 25th October 2017


Modern October farming – Ploughing, Magpie Farm. 25th October 2017


Distant views Banbury Model Aircraft Airfield and Telecoms Tower, Hellidon. 27th October 2017


Distant views, Magpie Farm. 17th October 2017


Distant views, Solar Farm. 17th October 2017


Distant views, Thorpe Mandeville. 17th October 2017


Choosing Christmas stock – Michael, Tracey, Jeanette (last day). 7th September 2017


Jeanette Smith’s last day at Sulgrave Shop. 7th September 2017


Jeanette Smith outside village shop, her last day. 7th September 2017


Jeanette Shop Card. 29th August 2017

Church Street floral display. 25th August 2017

Magpie Farm, the Welsh drovers’ B and B. 25th August 2017

Roof tilers, The Old Farmhouse. 10th August 2017

Time to fix the shingles. 10th August 2017

Village Shop Jenga. 10th August 2017


The Minnesota traditional Morris gathering outside the  Star. 1st July 2017


“Which way is Banbury Cross? I’ve come to see the Fiennes Lady!” 1st July 2017


“Who’s your friend, Ronnie?” 1st July 2017


Yah, sure, you betcha – the Minnesota Jump! 1st July 2017


Sulgrave en Provence. 1st July 2017


Bride and wedding reception at Sulgrave Manor. 1st July 2017


 30 plus degrees – Sulgrave’s hottest June since 1976. 21st June 2017

Sulgrave Summer Solstice – the sun does not get higher than this. 21st June 2017

Sulgrave Summer Sunset. 15th June 2017

X marks the spot – historians may think that we had elections every other day! 8th June 2017

Waterless Village. 3rd June 2017

Helmdon Road water leak – Anglian’s Ancient Aquaduct. 3rd June 2017

Anglian Water’s Helmdon Road water leak promise. 3rd June 2017

Sulgrave village store panorama. 25th May 2017

Plenty of choices, whatever the weather. 25th May 2017

Plenty of choice on a hot summer’s day. 25th May 2017

The village store, refreshing and looking good. 25th May 2017

Five ways panorama dog walking. 26th May 2017

Starlit night. 26th May 2017

Three wheels on my wagon. 17th May 2017

Star reflections in the puddles. 17th May 2017

More foreign visitors to Sulgrave Manor – Canadian Geese on Madam’s Close. 6th May 2017.

See more pictures of Canada Geese nesting in Sulgrave in May 2008.

Fields of Gold. 4th May 2017

Geoff pointing churchyard wall. 4th May 2017

Spring is here! 4th May 2017

Local Elections 2017. The Postal Vote. 4th May 2017

Local Elections 2017. Open almost all hours! 4th May 2017

Castle Green colours. 4th May 2017

Yonder Star. 4th May 2017

It’s a bank holiday, so it’s DIY day! 1st May 2017.

Little Street view of new Little Street houses. 27th April 2017.

New Little Street houses from Helmdon Road, 25th April 2017.

Helmdon Road – a different view. 25th April 2017.

School Street daffodils. 9th April 2017

Busy sunny Sunday outside the Village Shop. 9th April 2017

Sunny Rectory Farm, Little Street. 7th April 2017

The Wool House plaque, Little Street. 7th April 207

The moon is out the oil seed rape is out the blackthorn is still out and the pony is out grazing. 7th April 2017

The barrow boy has arrived. 5th April 2017

Lovely ripe tomatoes, mam. 5th April 2017

First common blue of the summer. 5th April 2017.

A string of onions. Sulgrave en Bretagne? 24th March 2017

Spring sunshine shadows. 24th March 2017

Sunny Eagle House. 24th March 2017

(See Eagle House in former days. 11th picture down.)

A different view of the shop signs. 24th March 2017

Could be a Roman road! North entrance to the Church. 24th March 2017

Until the 1960s, this was the normal approach to the Church, with the south door little used. In the 1940s and 1950s there were flower beds between the trees, each one being maintained by two children from the village school.

Fresh brassicas at the Village Shop. 24th March 2017

Road works and daffodils, Magpie Road. 22nd March 2017

Storm clouds over Banbury from Thorpe Mandeville Road. 22nd March 2017

First Cloudy Yellow Butterfly of the spring, in Little Street. 13th March 2017

Cloudy Yellow Butterfly, a closer look. 13th March 2017

Park Lane Primulas. 13th March 2017

Window cleaning, old and new, Little Street. 9th March 2017

Vapour trails and Vodafone. 9th March 2017

The long and winding road to Weston. 9th March 2017

Spring sun, snowdrops, stars and stripes. 9th March 2017

First butterfly, a comma, of the year, Little Street. 9th March 2017

Far better than eBay! 9th March 2017

Daffodils, the rite of spring. 9th March 2017

A bus shed with a view. 9th March 2017

See photograph of the bus shelter under construction in 1964.

Sulgrave school bus. 6th March 2017

Bicester and Warden Hunt in winter sun. 5th March 2017

Rainbow over Manor Road and Towrise. 3rd March 2017

Not quite a partridge in a pear tree! 1st March 2017

Shop assistant’s view of the shop. 1st March 2017

Tried the marshmallows but the fire didn’t light! 28th February 2017

Snowdrops herald spring and welcome visitors to Sulgrave. 24th February 2017

(See how the now long gone elm trees once welcomed visitors to the village. Early 1970s).

Is a house sale the same as a car boot sale? 28th January 2017

Park Lane wall repaired. 28th January 2017

“Not ewe again!” 21st January 2017

“Misty Cross Roads.” 21st January 2017

“First snowdrops of the year, Churchyard”. 21st January 2017

Castle Hill and Church in Morning Mist.” 21st January 2017

“In the Spotlight” (Mumford’s Van) 13th January 2017

“Open All Hours” (Mumford’s Van). 13th January 2017

Castle Hill and the Church of St James. 13th January 2017

The Star Inn, Manor Road. 13th January 2017


Supermoon” over Little Street. 13th November 2016



Supermoon” over Sulgrave’s old railway embankment. 13th November 2016



5th November 2016



Manor Road, Sulgrave. 3rd November 2016



3rd November 2016



Sulgrave Village Shop. 3rd November 2016



3rd November 2016



Following in father’s footsteps. 2nd November 2016



2nd November 2016



Fleet Farm Housing Site. 2nd November 2016



Halloween. 2nd November 2016



Madam’s Close and Sulgrave Manor. 1st November 2016

See here for a 1972 picture of the entrance to Madam’s Close from Little Street, including the magnificent elm tree which stood in the centre of the close until succumbing to Dutch Elm Disease a few years later.



23rd October 2016



23rd October 2016



23rd October 2016




2nd April 2016



15th September 2016



23rd June 2016



30th June 2016

See photograph of village bus shelter under construction in 1964.



18th October 2016



24th June 2016



17th August 2016



24th June 2016



11th November 2016



15th September 2016



15th September 2016



4th September 2016



4th September 2016



27th February 2016



27th February 2016



17th January 2016



16th September 2016



4th June 2016



16th August 2016



13th November 2015



3rd January 2015



24th June 2016



24th June 2016



30th June 2016



18th October 2016



18th October 2016



4th September 2016



7th November 2015



7th November 2015



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