SWAGS “Aunt Sally Challenge” and BBQ at The Star Inn

Undeterred by frequent heavy rain showers, competitors gathered in the Star Inn gardens for the annual “Aunt Sally Challenge”, organised by the Sulgrave Women’s Activities Group. The Star has a regular group of enthusiasts making up a team which competes in the Banbury and District Aunt Sally League. The stars of this team were on hand to demonstrate the necessary skills but did not have things entirely their own way. Future stars, both young and old, were discovered, often to their own amazement, as can be seen in the pictures on the next page. A first class BBQ was provided by the Star in conjunction with SWAG members.

The rules are explained by Richard, the Star Team Captain….

…..each player having six sticks with which to remove the white skittle, known as “the dolly”, from its perch……

….whilst a careful check is kept on the scores.

When not throwing, competitors joined the spectators under a forest of umbrellas or sought shelter under the trees.

Clive, stick in hand, poses with his team….

….and after some appropriate refreshment…..

…..shows the way with a direct hit!

The stick is presented more in the way of an offering than a threat to the dolly!

A well pitched up throw……

…..descends perfectly on target…..

….away flies the dolly and a new star is born!

…to the evident approval of the team captain.

…and enjoyment of the rather damp spectators.

Sticks collected up by one of the umpires…

…and the next competitor steps forward….

….with family support….

….and is an instant success!

The baton is passed (literally) to the next generation.

The girls retreat to the shelter of their “umbrella tent”.

Another team member with a high throw….

….perfectly directed….

….and another hit is scored.


…..and finally……

…..the first class BBQ with thanks to Tom, Chris, other bar staff and the SWAGS themselves!


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