Seven Sulgrave Gardens open for Charity, June 20th 2021

Seven Sulgrave gardens were open to the public on Sunday June 20th 2021 under the National Gardens Scheme. After months of pandemic misery and a depressing winter, a hint early summer sunshine had suggested a warm, bright, sunny day for the bi-annual gardens open day. It wasn’t to be. The day was cold, without a hint of sunshine and many of the gardeners’ carefully tended blooms had been beaten down by savage rainfall. It was colder on the Summer Solstice, June 21st than it had been on the Winter Solstice, December 21st! Nevertheless, considerable numbers of visitors, many sensibly clad for winter, were cheered by the displays so lovingly prepared during the dull days of lockdown.  Tea and cakes also helped, with one visitor asking for a mug of cocoa upon which to warm his hands!

Photographs of all the gardens on the next page (Click on “Read the rest of this entry.”)




In order to show the wisteria at it’s best, a visit was paid to Threeways a little in advance of the open day………..







A closer look will show that……


……there is life in the pond!







Purpose built nesting boxes for swifts, sadly ignored so far!







Almost a chance to reveal the photographer!


Plough from the early 1900s.


Some idea of the tasks awaiting the owner……


…..needing the eye of faith!




Half a dog……


…..and a whole dog!


















…..chocolate cakes, without which no garden event would be complete!





After the storm.













Front garden provides a short cut to the local pub, complete with Morris dancers!


The village community shop is open for the event.


Down Stockwell Lane for two more gardens.









A new feature – raised vegetable beds.










The Watermill Wildlife Haven









A truly pastoral setting.



































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Photo galleries are also available for the following gardens which took part in the scheme in 2007:

Church Cottage, Church Street (Hywel and Ingram Lloyd)
Ferns, Helmdon Road (George and Julie Metcalfe)
Mill Hollow Barn (David Thompson)
The Old Stocks (Mr and Mrs Robin Prior)
Sulgrave Manor Herb Garden (The Herb Society as Sulgrave Manor)
The Old Farmhouse (Peter and Moo Mordaunt) 
Threeways (Dr and Mrs D Lewis)
Greenfields (Mrs S Harding)


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