Seven Sulgrave Gardens open in the National Gardens Scheme, Sunday June 9th 2019

Appropriately, seven Sulgrave gardens were open to the public on the seventh occasion of the village contributing to the National Gardens Scheme raising money for charity. After a day of continuous rain on the Saturday prior to the event and another on the following day, we were blessed with a window of opportunity. Despite rival events in nearby villages, an impressive number of visitors seized this opportunity to view our beautiful gardens and enjoy the traditional refreshments.

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Here’s one we took earlier!” Alison and Digby. Can’t remember a sky like that in Sulgrave. Ed.














Clematis – a native of New Zealand. Anna, I’ve forgotten the name already! Ed.




If Spring is here, can winter be far behind?




Sulgrave Village Community Shop is especially open for the event.


Down Stockwell Lane for Mill Hollow Barn and the Watermill



















On the left of Stockwell Lane when descending, the Watermill Gardens include a field devoted to wildlife, as described in the notice on the entrance gate:




View towards Barrow Hill from the Watermill.


The original mill wheel, now restored to working order….


……a brief history…..


….and a drawing of the wheel at its full extent.

Read more about the Sulgrave Mills in “The Chronicles of a Country Parish” – a village appraisal from 1995 – published on this website.


Present villagers…….


…..and former villagers, visit the gardens.








Owl carved from the trunk of a recently felled tree!


An appropriate visitor to Vinecroft.











The automatic lawn mower went silently about its business, carefully avoiding the feet of visitors!























Sulgrave Gardens Open Day 2017

Sulgrave Gardens Open Day 2015

Sulgrave Gardens Open Day 2013

Sulgrave Gardens Open Day 2011

Sulgrave Gardens Open Day in 2009.

Photo galleries are also available for the following gardens which took part in the scheme in 2007:

Church Cottage, Church Street (Hywel and Ingram Lloyd)
Ferns, Helmdon Road (George and Julie Metcalfe)
Mill Hollow Barn (David Thompson)
The Old Stocks (Mr and Mrs Robin Prior)
Sulgrave Manor Herb Garden (The Herb Society as Sulgrave Manor)
The Old Farmhouse (Peter and Moo Mordaunt) 
Threeways (Dr and Mrs D Lewis)
Greenfields (Mrs S Harding)



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  1. Ingram Lloyd says:

    Another wonderful record of a village event. Well done Colin for capturing this event so well, and great to have had so many visitors to our village.

    • Susan Hare says:

      Beautiful photos of beautiful gardens. Can well remember the time – not sure how many years ago – when Tom and I cycled over. It was well worth it, even without the teas! It would have been lovely to have been able to join you this time. Congratulations, all!

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