Village Walks


Organised village walk, June 2005

There are many opportunities for walking in the parish, both on quiet roads and via an excellent and generally well-maintained network of footpaths. Gates and stiles are mainly in good condition.  There are waymarking arrows and fingerposts where necessary. This is a gently undulating pastoral landscape and there are some surprisingly distant views to savour. Far from any main roads, the walks here can be enjoyed in a silence which is sometimes almost profound.

However, this is muddy Northamptonshire and during the winter months wellington boots will usually be the preferred footwear!

Should you find any problems in using these paths please contact this website by email with full details, which will then be passed on to the Footpath Warden

See here for a map showing Rights of Way in the Parish. (Click on map to see a bigger version)

See here for Photo Gallery of organised Village Walks, which it is hoped will be resumed in the not too distant future.

See below for details of walks described and recommended by former footpath warden Christina Shillito – these little guides are in a PDF form suitable for downloading and printing out for use in following the walks:

No. 1 Star Inn to Village Shop via the Moreton Road and Footpath AY2 (see Rights of Way Map) – approximately 2.5 miles.

No. 2 From the Village Shop via the Churchyard, Park Lane, Footpaths AY8 and AY9 (See Rights of Way Map), Helmdon Road and Church Street – approximately 1.5 miles.

No. 3 Star Inn to Weston Village and back using Bridleway AY4 and Footpath AY3 – approximately 5.5 miles. (Please note that this walk will not be possible until the footpath over the disused railway line has been completed, hopefully early in 2018)


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