In November 2015 Chris Behan undertook to provide pictures of the village and its residents for the website, contributing almost 350 images. (Click here to see these images). They have brought much enjoyment to the many online visitors but their collection has represented a mammoth one man effort. However, support is now at hand. Encouraged by the establishment of the Sulgrave Camera Club there are are now numbers of keen photographers in the village whose photographs deserve to be seen on this page. All ages are represented and this should ensure a variety of individual perspectives of the village.

However, it is not necessary to be a member of the Camera Club to take part. Photographs will be welcomed from any villager who has captured an interesting perspective or event, perhaps on a mobile phone camera.

Please email photographs to [email protected]. Those who do not have access to the internet and still produce paper prints or slides are not excluded. These can be copied and uploaded to the website.

  Colin Wagman: Sunrise from the concrete road. August 2022.


Graham Roberts: Brackley Morris Men at the Star. 22nd May 2021


Chris Behan: Rainbow over Little Street. 24th May 2021


Chris Behan:Why do you build me up, build me up, Buttercup


Neil Higginson: Little Street with visit from Beast From The East. 25th January 2021


Neil Higginson: Villagers taking lockdown exercise. 29th January 2021


Neil Higginson: Grey day walk. 9th January 2021


Neil Higginson: Topiary guards on duty at Sulgrave Manor. 30th July 2020


Neil Higginson: Spring breeze in manor gardens.


Neil Higginson: Camera Club garden shoot. 9th August 2020


Neil Higginson: Equine snack in Madams Close. 2nd September 2020


Neil Higginson: Evening draws on. 6th November 2020


Neil Higginson: Sulgrave Manor. 5th December 2020


Neil Higginson: No bums in Sulgrave. 1st January 2021


Neil Higginson: Bright future, sunrise over Little Street. 24th January 2021


Graham Roberts: Freshly baked pizzas on Castle Hill for Christmas Eve……(1)


Graham Roberts: Pizzas on Castle hill, Christmas Eve (2)


Graham Roberts: Pizzas on Castle Hill, Christmas Eve (3)


Colin Wootton. “If winter’s here, can spring be far behind?” Volunteers plant bulbs on the green triangle at the junction of School Street and Church Street. 17th November 2020


Neil Higginson. Better than a No Parking sign. 8th November 2020


Neil Higginson. Sentinel Private Sulgrave. 6th November 2020.


Chris Behan. White lining in Sulgrave. 17th September 2020


Neil Higginson: Rain definitely did not stop play today as cricket was played on Madams Close…..


……..for the first time in years. 15th August 2020  (See here for notes on Sulgrave Cricket Club).


Graham Roberts: Church View. June 2020.



Graham Roberts: Stuchbury Rise. June 2020


Graham Roberts: Upper Field. June 2020


Colin Wootton: Illegal Rave on Castle Green (aka Meeting of the Castle Green Committee)! 25th June 2020


Louise Rayner: Urban fox? June 2020


Graham Roberts: Concrete Road Walk – Back to Sulgrave. April 2020


Graham Roberts: Concrete Road Walk – After the bridge. April 2020


Graham Roberts: Concrete Road Walk – Early planting. April 2020.


Graham Roberts: Concrete Road Walk – The tree outlives the barn. April 2020


Graham Roberts: Concrete Road Walk – Friendly horses. April 2020



Graham Roberts: Concrete Road Walk – A morning walk. April 2020


Chris Behan: Two Apache gunships over Sulgrave Manor. 4th June 2020


Chris Behan: Before the bulldozers and diggers come in to construct the northern portal of the Greatworth tunnel Mother Nature has one final splash of colour. 1st June 2020


Chris Behan: Lockdown Rest and Recreation. 31st May 2020.


Chris Behan: Valarian Sulgrave’s Floral Emblem. 26th May 2020


Neil Higginson: Pop up Poppy.


Neil Higginson. ‘The effects of lockdown, my view of Madams Close.’


Colin Wootton. Mystery object found near countryside footpath. 18th May 2020.


Colin Wootton.  The Star Inn. 14th May 2020


Colin Wootton. Corner of School Street and Church Street. Early morning. VE Day during the Lockdown. Not a breath of wind. Not a sound to be heard other than the birds. 8th May 2020


Colin Wootton. Castle Hill Ancient Monument, where once stood both a Saxon Hall and a Norman Castle. This historic site is now owned by the village. Feel free to explore and enjoy the views, remembering to keep dogs on leads and shut all gates when livestock are present. 6th May 2020.


Colin Wootton. New brass plaque on the entrance gate to Castle Hill. 5th May 2020.


Colin Wootton. Recognition for a generous and neighbourly act of the kind taking place daily in the village during the “Lockdown”. 5th May 2020


Colin Wootton. Another rainbow appears in the village, this time adjoining Castle Hill. 6th May 2020


Colin Wootton: Wedding car? 29th April 2020.


Chris Jackson: Leaving home for food: Fish and Chips in the era of social distancing. 11th April 2020


Chris Jackson: The pub may be closed, but nothing stops us meeting for beer: The (Virtual) Hooky Appreciation Group


Chris Jackson: Feeding the 60 million: Farming continues through the pandemic. 11th April 2020.


Colin Wootton. All appears calm outside the village shop, with the door protected by the two metre “social distancing” line. However, there is non stop activity within, as the service to the village is maintained on a pre-ordering and collection service, with deliveries to vulnerable people. Hats off to the volunteers! 10th April 2020.


Colin Wootton: Notice taped to the top of a green wheelie bin. Usually taken for granted, it’s good to see this appreciation of our “bin men” at this difficult time. 10th April 2020.


Colin Wootton: A much appreciated delivery service enables shopping “at a distance!” 7th April 2020.


Colin Wootton: A rainbow and a heartfelt thank you to the NHS chalked on an entrance drive in the village. 7th April 2020


Colin Wootton: Photographed from a safe distance, Clive fixes a notice on the Castle Green gate reminding everyone that Castle Hill is now open to all. When visiting the hill, take care to shut gates and keep dogs on leads. 2nd April 2020


Colin Wootton: The only vehicle seen on a walk between Stuchbury Cottages and Sulgrave. Unfortunately, it drove off before I could throw myself in front of it! 30th March 2020


Colin Wootton: When are we going to get back to playing rugby? 23rd March 2020


Colin Wootton. Spring is here at last. Lots of these everywhere………………


……….and lots of these……………


…………the birds are beginning to pair off………..


…………and the villagers to practice the new routine “social distancing”!


Chris Behan. Winter Rainbow Gated Road. January 2020.

(Sorry to be pedantic. It’s the Moreton Road. It’s never been a gated road! Either way the surface is a travesty of its former self. Ed.)


Chris Behan. Winter Sun. January 2020


Chris Behan. Church Reflections. January 2020


Chris Behan. Mole’s eye view, if they had them, of Sulgrave. January 2020


Libbie Foster. 30th October 2019


Neil Higginson. Dawn across Madam’s Close. 4th December 2019


Neil Higginson. Autumnal Stocks.


Colin Wootton. Volunteers clearing dead leaves from around the Stocks.


Claire Sadler. The Kenneth Tattersall seat in springtime. See here for the latest on this seat.


Mel Kirkpatrick. A recent visitor to the shop.


Chris Behan. A beautiful Peacock butterfly.


Chris Behan. An old Meadow Brown rests on a daisy – note the faded colouring and torn wings.


Claire Sadler. Graham Trower’s tractor rides at the Star Inn.


Claire Sadler. Stormy sky.


Colin Wootton. Christine’s lovely front garden provides a colourful welcome to village on Helmdon Road.


Chris Behan. Verbean may be common in the village but the red admiral butterfly hasn’t been this summer


Chris Behan. Male Brimstone Butterfly – the female is whiter – note wings look like leaves.


On one of the few fine evenings in June, members of the Sulgrave Camera Club were on location in and around the churchyard with a view to producing images illustrating the theme “exploring the way different lighting conditions affect photography”. Seven photographs from the evening are reproduced below:


Graham Roberts


Graham Roberts


Graham Roberts


Jo Powell


Neil Higginson


Neil Higginson



Neil Higginson


Claire Sadler. Brecon and Dixie with the daffodils on Castle Green.


Chris Behan. Floral Abundance, Little Street.


Mel Kirkpatrick. Sunrise over Madam’s Close.


Mel Kirkpatrick. Crocuses at The Stocks


Mel Kirkpatrick. “The eyes have it!”


Janie Mann. Wonderful dark blue Ceanothus (Californian Lilac) in my drive off Helmdon Road.


Chris Behan. Another view of the Church, this time the south side from the Stuchbury parish boundary.


Chris Behan. My first sighting this year of a Holly Blue, Madam’s Close.


Jo Powell. Ladybird.


Jo Powell. A very frisky “Trojan” keeping fit for the Point to Point season.


Neil Higginson. Sun setting over Sulgrave Manor.


Graham Roberts. Falling over, back to nature for the railway embankment.


Neil Higginson. Wind in the Trees.


Chris Behan. Sulgrave Church from the gated road.


Neil Higginson. Late night shopping.


Jo Powell. Ella with sheep.


Chris Behan. The long and not so winding concrete road.


Neil Higginson. Nice day for a walk.


Jo Powell. Horses leaving the village.


Neil Higginson. Sunrise over Madam’s Close.


Jo Powell. Footpath to Greatworth, from stream in Helmdon Road.


Neil Higginson. Manor Road, Sulgrave.


Chris Behan. Looks more like “lift off” not “round up”.


Neil Higginson. Churchyard Gate.


Chris Behan. Fence mending in Great Green.


Mel Kirkpatrick. Sunset from Little Street.


Colin Wootton. Clive and Donna with Clive’s newly completed canopy for the Village Shop fruit and vegetable barrow (April 2019)


………..and the shelves are filled…….lower…………..


…………….and upper.


Neil Higgingson. It’s a dog’s life.


Jo Powell. Ella.


Chris Behan. The early spring walkers on the Weston gated road are passed by the early morning horse riders.


Neil Higginson. Sulgrave Manor.


Chris Behan. Stocks Green, spring floral display.


Colin Wootton. Hazardous occupation – trimming branches, rear boundary, Wootton House, Little Street.


Sharon Ford. October.


Chris Behan. The village walkers cross the Great Green in glorious early Spring Sunshine.


Chris Behan. Spring and Spring lambs have arrived.


Jo Powell. Mum with lamb.


Jo Powell. x 4!


Neil Higginson. February heat wave.


Neil Higginson. Crocus at Sulgrave stocks.


Graham Roberts. Sulgrave chimneys.


Charlie Ford-Ziemelis. Autumn.


Chris Behan. Misty Graves.


Will Priestman. Frosty morning.


Graham Roberts. Summer harvest. (See more of Graham’s harvest pictures)


Charley Ford-Ziemelis. Youth and age. (See more of Charley’s pictures on this theme.)




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