Sulgrave Celebrates VE Day 2020

Apart from a heavy rain shower in the late afternoon, the weather on Friday May 8th was perfect for parties in gardens and on front drives. The quiet atmosphere which we now take for granted and the light wind allowed neighbours to “socialise” without breaking any regulations. The almost total absence of traffic meant that those doing their daily circuit of the village on foot could also stop for a chat at a safe distance. The village looked particularly beautiful in the May sunshine, with the verges and churchyard newly mown and union flags and bunting to be seen everywhere. Here and there, Vera Lynn’s voice was carried on the breeze. There was, without doubt, a collective raising of spirits.

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Many people availed themselves of village caterers “Webster’s” delicious, specially created VE Day “Teas for Two”.















More photos of the decorations in the village, for which I am indebted to Graham Roberts:









2 Responses to “Sulgrave Celebrates VE Day 2020”

  1. Angharad says:

    Sulgrave, as ever you never fail to excel in community spirit and melt my heart.

  2. Ingram says:

    Our two flags, the huge one at the bottom of Church Street and the one on our house came from Hywel’s Grandfather, Arthur Chesterton. He was a Marconi operator of both sailing ships (yes with sails) and large (today think tiddly) steam liners. He was a morse operator and as such very vital. He first went to Hong Kong in early 1920s and again was based there before WW2. He had sailed up the Yangtze Kiang , to South America, Brazil, and all around the world, tapping his keys. He met Winnie in Brazil and they married. The flags and two wonderful mahogany deck chairs with sail canvas for the seat are from him. The Union Jack would have been flown at the stern of a big ship, the smaller, the Red Ensign or Red Duster is a Merchant Navay flag and comes from the times he would have been on a merchant naval ship. How he came by the flags, I don’t know. They are very old, pre 1930, made of linen and each coloured segment has been stitched together.

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