VE DAY 2020!

8th May 2020. VE Day. Lockdown. Early morning at the corner of School Street and Church Street. Not a breath of wind. Not a sound to be heard other than the dawn chorus. Seventy-five years ago today, excited villagers flocked to an impromptu party in the courtyard of what is now known as The Old Farmhouse. Many of the village menfolk were still away including my father in the army. I was seven years old and my mother decorated my tricycle with so many flags it was difficult to ride. I have yet to find any photographs of that day. I am sure that many photographs will be taken of today’s celebrations, constrained though they are by the Lockdown regulations. These will be interesting to future generations, hopefully in a world that has learned lessons from the pandemic, wondering what we all did “during the Lockdown”! Please feel free to send images to this website for inclusion on the “Village Images by Village Photographers” page.

Colin Wootton

Email: [email protected]


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