Calling all “Strictly Come Dancing” Fans…..

Sophie and Brendan perform the Charleston to 'Rock It For Me' by Caravan Palace

Sophie and Brendan perform the Charleston to ‘Rock It For Me’ by Caravan Palace

Villagers will remember Hywel and Ingram’s daughter Angharad’s lovely wedding in April 2011. Angaharad is part of the BBC production team responsible for “Strictly Come Dancing” and writes as follows:

“Strictly Come Dancing has been nominated for a National Television Award, seeing first hand just how much effort and hard work goes into making such a sparkling show, I would be so grateful if the Sulgrave Strictly fans ( of which I know there are many, especially Shrimp)  would take time to vote on the link below.

So if Sulgrave had a ball watching the Ballroom, loved the glitter, sequins and have enjoyed a twirl into 2014  then please can we post the link on the village website

If Mark Benton’s MC Hammer routine made you laugh out loud and grin from ear to ear, Dave Myers being “Chuffed as Nuts” on the dance floor, Sophie and Brendon’s waltz gave you goosebumps or Abbey’s sheer delight at winning  made you leap out of your chair, then please Sulgrave take the time to vote.

We loved working on the show, we’re all still recovering but to pop an award on the mantle piece to prove it would be magical.”

This is your chance to show your appreciation!

24th January: Angharad emails that they won! See next page.


Dear Colin,

Thank you so much for your wonderful post on the Village website; it made me feel very proud AND WE WON!!!!

Attached is a pic of the trophy (complete with glitterball) and the moment we won, we are all over the moon.We are all so grateful, delighted and  so, so, so happy that so many people enjoy what we do on a Saturday night and tune in and watch. Moments like this make the endless hours that people on a production work worth every penny.

Thank you Sulgrave!!

Angharad x



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