Winter comes to Sulgrave (1. Pre-Christmas)

This is the first in a series of posts featuring photographs taken when the village was visited by winter weather before and after Christmas. Further photographs and descriptions of this kind will be welcomed.

The first three of these were taken by Peter Mackness:

Peter says: “We awoke on the 23rd to a beautiful sunny morning to a light covering with the most sparkling, hard, Hoare frost”  The first two photos were taken at 9.30 am.

Peter took  the next photo in his back garden at 2.45 pm on the same day:

At about the same time in December, Alison Lewis took these photos during a walk up the Moreton Road and back via  Barrow Hill:

The following three photographs were taken by Andrew Waite, also just before Christmas:

Sulgrave Manor from the East

The Green Lane to Weston

The Thatched House from Madam's Close


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