Winter comes to Sulgrave (2. Post-Christmas)

Wednesday morning 6th January brought a fresh snowfall, giving Peter Mackness further photographic opportunities for the following four lovely images….

…..and bringing the children (and some parents and grandparents) out for the traditional sledging on Castle Hill…

Pause for much needed warm drinks

The new path across Castle Green is well used

Traditionally known as "Dark Lane" but very bright today.... can be seen

More parents arrive to beseige Castle Hill...

....defences are constructed.....

.... the enemy identified....

....and battle commences.

An attack....

....a counter-attack....

....and the enemy is put to flight

The boys press home their advantage

Other means of travel make their appearance

....and a Norwegian baggage "pulk" is pressed into service

With temperatures remaining well below zero, the evenly distributed snow is ideal for cross country skiing

After a few days tracks ranged far into adjoining parishes

Minor roads are untreated and make perfect highways for skis

Passing through Weedon Lois

The hungry sheep are less than pleased with the conditions......

....and approach the skier hoping for additional fodder.

Gated roads and tracks can be linked to give good cross country ski circuits (Photo: Andrew Waite)

Approaching Astwell Castle (Photo: Andrew Waite)

Photo: Andrew Waite

Returning home as the sun sets


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