New Format for Village Website

The village website has now been in existence for almost five years. In that time it has been visited at least once by approximately 14,000 people in 61 different countries, the most frequent visitors from outside the UK being from the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

During that time there have been numerous emails to the website editor, some of which have been published from time to time. However, there was no easy way of posting comments on individual items and perhaps in this way initiating an exchange of information, opinions and ideas.

The new format has been designed to make this possible and it is hoped that site users will be able and willing to play a more interactive part in future.

A new comprehensive “search” feature has also been included. This is “Google powered” and can be used in the same way as any other “google” request except that the search will be confined to the website itself.

Many of the emails received have been from those seeking information about their ancestors. Thus, for example, entering the surname “Franklin” in the search box leads to 6 “hits” giving information on a former villager killed in the Great War and evacuees during the Second World War.

Where the search leads to a website page containing a great number of photographs it will, of course, be necessary to scan down to find the particular item required.

The new website now allows you to subscribe to new posts and updates on the village website without the need to visit it directly via an RSS feed.

Clicking the orange feed/RSS icon in your browser’s toolbar (or by clicking on the link to “Entries RSS”) will show you the feed and give you options to subscribe to it. Once subscribed you will be notified when new content is available to read.

You can find more information about RSS feeds and using them with RSS feed readers like Google Reader at:

The website will continue to be maintained exactly as before and it is hoped that both villagers and those from further afield will continue to send in their contributions.

I am indebted to the work of my grandson Sebastian, freely given, on the design of this new website format.

Colin Wootton

(Website Editor on behalf of the Sulgrave Parish Council)


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  1. Crissy Kellett says:

    The new web site looks very professional you (and Sebastian) have done a brilliant job. Thank you

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