Sulgrave Village Advent Celebrations 2023. Friday 22nd December. Carol Singing around the Village.

Photograph by Graham Roberts

Kym writes: “Well what a great turnout. A wonderful following of the tractor and sleigh which I have to say looked fabulous. Thank you so much to Graham and of course Shelagh for all your hard work decorating it. Graham I was going to say you were a rubbish tractor driver, but that would obviously have been a really big lie !!! ( love you both) After the tour of the village we ended up at the village hall. When Danny and Ryan put on a wonderful spread ( now there’s a surprise ) Joking aside we thank you for putting in so much effort and counting this as your window. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you to all of you that came out on I must say a very mild evening. but it was worth it for Danny’s food. Tomorrow night is at ?oh it’s ours ! Bentley’s Farm Bungalow, Helmdon Road. Hope to see you all here. Goodnight until tomorrow.

Photographs by Jo Powell and Graham Roberts.

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Photographs by Jo Powell:


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