Sulgrave Village Advent Calendar Windows 2023. No 21 on Thursday 21st December.

Photograph by Tony Keatley

Kym writes: “What a great gathering. Thank you. Beautiful window, every one was raving about the mulled wine (Watch out Steve )!! and nibbles –  lovely. Thank you so much Rosie, Jonny & Arlo. Hope you found your first window painless. Please come along and join us tomorrow night for carols round the village and food back at the village hall. The tractor/sleigh leaving the VH at about 6 and then returning for food between 7-9 or when the food has run out! Danny will be asking for a small donation in the pot I believe. So please remember to bring some good old fashioned cash. No shopping lists or trolling tokens ! It’s amazing what you get in the pot some nights – ha ha. See you soon.?”

Photographs by Tony Keatley and Jo Powell.

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Photographs by Tony Keatley:








Photographs by Jo Powell:








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