Castle Green and Castle Hill Public Open Spaces

Discovering the history of Sulgrave Castle – a treasure hunt on the ramparts

A Message from the Castle Green Management Committee:

In these Covid controlled days the one real positive outcome has been the opportunity to explore and enjoy our local countryside. We are positively encouraged to take daily exercise in our own locale. It has been a pleasure to see so many people out walking, running and cycling. Let us hope that post-Covid this enthusiasm will continue, leading to a fitter and healthier society.

The appreciation of our immediate environment hopefully will lead to a greater love and respect for the countryside around our beautiful parish. This has been much enhanced by our Parish Council Chairman’s monthly articles on the Village Website explaining, literally, how the countryside around Sulgrave “works”.

From the point of view of the Castle Green Management Committee it has been a pleasure to see many villagers, their families and children are using the recently extended Castle Green public open space. Now that the mound itself is an integral part of this public open space, the fabulous views of the village and its surroundings from the top can be enjoyed by all. It makes a beautiful spot for children to stretch their legs in the fresh air and perhaps even wonder what’s beneath the Mound!!

It is hoped, Covid willing, to hold a Mid Summer’s Fair towards the end of June when all and sundry will be invited to enjoy gathering together on our Castle Green again. Keep your eye on future Village Newsletters and the Village Website for further updates.

In the meantime enjoy your daily exercise and do visit the Castle Green and Castle Hill Public Open Space.

Martin Sirot-Smith, Chairman, on behalf of the Castle Green Management Committee.

See here for some notes on the public acquisition of these sites and a brief history of the Ancient Monument



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