Radio Northampton celebrates the Village Shop’s selection as a Regional Finalist in the Countryside Alliance Awards.

Digby Lewis explains the Countryside Alliance Awards to Radio Northampton reporter Gill Brown

Having learned that the shop had been selected as one of the five regional finalists for the Countryside Alliance Awards (the “Rural Oscars”), Radio Northampton decided to celebrate that success by conducting a series of interviews on Monday 4th February. These were carried out by reporter Gill Brown and were broadcast live on the Annabel Amos breakfast show.

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Radio Northampton Outside Broadcast Van in front of the shop.

Click here to access a recording of the interviews which were broadcast during the three hour Annabel Amos morning programme, after first reading the rest of this web page and noting the numbers given therein.

When you have reached the Annabel Amos home page, click on the “Listen Now” icon and a recording of the whole programme will start to play, including news, weather, traffic and sports items. In order to move to relevant parts of  in the broadcast click and hold your cursor on the small red circle on the horizontal line and move it to the left or right, as appropriate, to stop at the following points:

1:23:0 Colin Wootton – interviewed first only because Radio Northampton wanted to talk to a really old villager to set the scene, as it were!

1:51:0 Shrimp Christy and Susie Blaney. Regular volunteers from day one to the present time.

2:23:0 Neil Johnstone (Chairman of the Shop Association)

2:52:0 Alice Ditcham (part time shop supervisor)


Gill Brown interviews Shrimp……..


……and Susie……




……..and Alice.


Gill and Susie conclude a very satisfying morning’s work!







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