Village Advent Celebrations 2018. December 16th. The Old Farmhouse, Manor Road.

Yesterday was a mere shower compared with today’s “monsoon”! Undeterred by the apparent start of the rainy season, over thirty people turned out, complete with an array of colourful umbrellas. To the revellers’ great joy, a large outbuilding offered a refuge for the nightly drinks and refreshments.

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A particularly happy young couple……see later…….
















How about sharing that umbrella?




Drinks are appropriate because……


…..there is something to celebrate!




Reluctantly into the rainy night……


……for the unveiling.









Ten years ago The Old Farmhouse was the venue for a first class village fete on a perfect summer’s day.

Click here to see what took place.

Newer village residents may be interested to see the impressive rear elevation of the house and the lovely garden. Older residents may or may not be pleased to see their 10 years younger selves…..




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  1. Ingram says:

    Stalwart lot in Sulgrave!
    What a lovely record of the Village Fete all those years ago, and remembering people who have left or who have grown up!!

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