Village Advent Celebrations 2018. Christmas Eve. Church Cottage, Church Street.

We reach the magical moment. 6.30 pm on Christmas Eve and the final window is unveiled. An evening of stillness, frost and a little mistiness – the world in waiting for the big day!

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The final window is unveiled……

……and we follow the wise men……

… they follow the star….

…..on their journey…..

…..through he desert landscape….

…..passing other travellers……

….all the way to Bethlehem!










I can find no better words to describe the wonderful advent season that we have all enjoyed than those from last year, as follows:

And so, after 24 days of early evening assemblies of people of all ages with their children and dogs, in all kinds of weather, frequently in near darkness, we come to Christmas itself. A sense of village community; of friendship; of caring for each other; of tolerance and goodwill, has manifested itself on a daily basis. Many newcomers to the village have been made welcome in the true spirit of Christmas. In retelling a little village story from 50 years ago I seek no recognition for a simple act of good neighbourliness but simply hope to demonstrate how the Christmas spirit can bring people together and form friendships to last a lifetime.

In the 1960s an elderly couple from Erdington in Birmingham bought (and named) Claremount in Little Street for their retirement years. They were a Mr and Mrs Wallington. Sadly, Mr Wallington died within a very short time, leaving Mrs Wallington on her own. Molly and I, with 5 year old Catherine and baby Susan were living opposite their house in Dippers Cottage, as indeed we do now (for the second time). On Christmas morning 1968, we were preparing a little family Christmas lunch, just for the four of us, when there was a knock at the door. Mrs Wallington stood on the doorstep. “Happy Christmas”, she said, and then ” but I am so very lonely….may I please come in and sit with you for a little while….I will be absolutely no trouble”! Of course she was invited in and of course she stayed for lunch and of course she stayed for tea and supper. She was as good as her word and initially said very little but soon became an entertaining companion. Thereafter she became a family member. The girls adored her. She was a fine seamstress and had an attic full of silks and satins. She entertained the the girls for hours by helping them to make all sorts of amazing dresses, thus:






The little girls became big girls and can be seen in the picture below serving tea at a Christingle Service.





3 Responses to “Village Advent Celebrations 2018. Christmas Eve. Church Cottage, Church Street.”

  1. Hywel Lloyd says:

    The Advent windows have been excellent this years; so many different themes to see and be admired.

    Colin has done a super task, recording every window, working out how to photograph many difficult subjects – and adding historical views of houses and anecdotal notes of great interest. His results published on our village website have been a “tour de force”.

    We are all in debt to Colin for recording this, and many other village activities. We know that they will all remain on the website for some time. However, when space dictates a move, we would be keen to know where they might be archived for the future and posterity. Such an archive might have a cost; we are sure that many other villagers will join with us to say that, if it ever became necessary, money could be raised to secure such an archive which could be viewed well into the future.

    So, Colin, thank you very much for all your efforts. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Hywel and Ingram.

    • I greatly appreciate your kind words, Hywel. However, the real work is done by the many volunteers who make it all possible and indeed by those who actually made the window displays, right from Day 1 with the magical transformation of the bus shelter into a cosy room decorated for Christmas Eve and Day 24 with the three kings travelling through an incredibly varied landscape. I simply have to turn up with a camera (or two). It is indeed a “labour of love” – as is the village website itself. I had not given much thought to the archiving of the website material. I will talk to my grandson, Sebastian, who is the service provider for the website, at no cost to the village.

  2. Angharad Downing says:

    The best xx?

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