Village Advent Calendar Windows 2018

For the fifth year in succession, early on each evening in December a village window will be unveiled to reveal a Christmas scene, in the manner of a flap being opened on an Christmas Advent Calendar.

Ingram Lloyd writes: “……a few more window volunteers are needed if the village Advent calendar is to go ahead.  Please contact me if you need more information but basically it goes like this:  a window of your house which is near the road has a simple / elaborate display which is covered up.

On your allotted day we all gather round at about 6.15, have a mug of mulled wine and chat; just before 6.30 we count down and then the window covering is removed; we cheer, admire the window, more chat and go home!

There will be a collection for a charity, which is still to be decided.  The openers may nominate a charity of their choice and we will have a mini vote.

If you don’t want to be an opener but would still like to be an active contributor, we do need cash sponsors as a lot of mulled wine is drunk!

Ingram Lloyd

To see each window from 2014 – 2017, click on the appropriate “archive year” in the right hand panel on the home page, scan down to December and choose a window to see in more detail, including the “unveiling party”.


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