On Barrow Hill

Pastoral View

As I stand on Barrow hill
I take my fill.
Of the countryside from which I grew
Still so natural with it’s view,
Of woods,and sheep,and fields of corn,
Evolving,as to the manor born.

Sulgrave nestles down below
Of villagers with their own life flow.
Some off to school or work at speed
Others taking life at a more leisurely need.

The Church, the Shop and the Pub
Together form a vibrant hub
It is quite unique to have all three
And thankful we are in unity.
For they keep us up together
And do we gossip? Oh no never!!

The Manor strives to attract the public
With concerts, plays and re-enactments
School children come on many days
To learn the history of the Tudor ways
Whilst the cottages decay,
Hoping for a better day.

The Parish Council keeps us up to date
With many minor matters to debate.
A group of men go for a pint
Ladies meet up for a talk.
In summertime Aunt Sally is played
So by living here,we all are blessed


Sent in by “Magpie“.


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