Annual Harvest Fayre at Sulgrave Manor


Large numbers of visitors mixed with villagers to enjoy all the fun of the annual Harvest Fayre on a perfect “Indian Summer” day.

Lots of photos on the next page.




a15.09.27.25aFine views of the surrounding countryside from the Manor orchard.


a15.09.27.23aThe apples are chopped……


a15.09.27.26a…..before being crushed…..


a15.09.27.27a….and the juice is finally bottled.


a15.09.27.07aMusic for country dancing in the courtyard…..


a15.09.27.06a…instructions are issued…..


a15.09.27.04b1….and the dance is about to begin.


a15.09.27.11aDid he get his steps wrong?


a15.09.27.21aArchery under watchful “Tudor” eyes.


a15.09.27.29aBouncy castle under the Union Flag.


a15.09.27.16aMore peaceful pursuits…..


a15.09.27.15a….at the local Wildlife Trust exhibition.


a15.09.27.38aWoodturner displaying numerous products….




a15.09.27.56aBasket making demonstration.




a15.09.27.52aA quiet game of chess.

a15.09.27.57aDisplay of photos featuring harvest time in former years.


a15.09.27.33aLive music throughout the day.








a15.09.27.53aDisplay of vintage tractors.




a15.09.27.54aVillager Donald Taylor explains the merits of the various types of tractor. Well into his eighties, Donald still takes part in ploughing matches.


a15.09.27.62aA peep through the Manor House to the famous rose garden.


a15.09.27.59aVolunteers in Tudor costume welcome visitors to the Great Hall.




a15.09.27.0c1Tudor cookery demonstration in the Manor kitchen.


a15.09.27.51aFor the first time this year, the Fayre featured a large and comfortable traditional bell tent where families could rest.


a15.09.27.66aFerret racing – the little animals are released…..


a15.09.27.67a…..watched by those who have bets on them…..


a15.09.27.68a….the winner emerges to the joy of those holding yellow tickets.


a15.09.27.64aCroquet on the Manor lawn.


a15.09.27.31aPerfect weather for a picnic….


a15.09.27.32a….with food stalls of all descriptions to choose from….






a15.09.27.73aCakes and tea in the Buttery.


a15.09.27.70aMusic for the final Morris dancing session of the day.



a15.09.27.72aThirsty work!


a15.09.27.74aHandkerchief dance.


a15.09.27.77aTraditional stick dance.


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