Philip Henn – an appreciation by Nigel Dawe


Former Sulgrave villager Nigel Dawe sends an appreciation of Philip as follows:

Very sorry to hear that Phillip had gone. He was the big brother of my best mate when
I lived at the Wool House.Phillip always scared me a bit, he seemed so tough ! He
would do anything for most. I remember when I picked my BSA Bantam up from
Banbury and broke down half way home. I resorted to pushing the bike and obviously
it was taking a long time to get home, so my lovely worry guts mum asked if Phillip
would drive towards Banbury and see if I was laying in a ditch somewhere. (She
always thought the worst). As I was half way up one of the many hills on the way, It
was great to see Phillips old Mk.1 Land Rover approaching. It didn't take many seconds
and the bike was in the back and we were heading home. The breakdown was entirely
my fault, I found I hadn't taken the choke off and starved it of air !!!!
Anyway, have a good rest Phil, you deserve it. You might meet my mum, step dad and
half brother now you are up there. For sure that's where you'll be.

Philip Henn (1934 -2010)


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