Sulgrave Celebrates the Jubilee!

By great good fortune or foresight, the organisers of the Sulgrave Diamond Jubilee celebrations chose to stage the village events on Bank Holiday Monday, following a day of drenching rain on Sunday. Although rain threatened in the afternoon, the day was dry and bright and the evening still and sunlit, even if a bit cold for an outdoor party. From noon until late afternoon, the Pocket Park was the setting for fun and games, especially for the children, some traditional and some new. Many families chose to picnic, either in the park or deep in the woods….  At seven o’clock it seemed as if the whole village flocked to the Manor, firstly to see the eldest resident, Alec Cave aged 91, plant a ceremonial tree, and then to enjoy food cooked in the open air with sumptuous sweets to follow. The evening closed with dancing for young and old in the Manor Courtyard Hall. See next page for images of these events:

Just after noon at the Pocket Park



Sponge throwing begins.....


....with a very brave target!


A direct hit!






Splat the rat.






If you go down in the woods today....'d better take a guard!



Willow stick shelter making.







Time for the regular village ferret competition.



Ready to go...


...not the winner, because....


....all of the ferret has to emerge from the pipe.


Someone with a winning ticket.




Lots of youngsters looking for treasure..... hidden in unlikely places.... to pool resources in the searce.



Fancy dress winners.


Ready for the first race.....


....but there are intruders on the course!





Prizes for the winners (and losers).


Touch the rope and complete two more lengths.....


.....the winner!



More prizes.


"How am I supposed to run with this thing on my head?"





Time for the adults to have a go.




At seven o’clock in the evening the Manor was bathed in bright sunshine for the tree planting ceremony:


The tree from the Royal Nurseries, Sandringham (from little acorns great oak trees grow)



Alec plants the tree.


The plaque.


Job done!



The party begins.




Home made cider?



Preparing to feed most of the village.





The twins re-appear in their evening dresses.












Supper is served.

















The last rays of the setting sun illuminate the party......


....and it's time to move inside for dancing.






A few brave souls stay outside in the cold night air!



Inside, the dance goes on!




Time for the old folks to go home to bed and leave the youngsters to dance on…….



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