Sulgrave Schoolchildren Photograph from 1963

Photograph courtesy Anthony Barrett

This photograph of Head Teacher Mrs Victoria Stirrat with her senior class was taken in 1963, probably at the end of a village fete. It will be added to other school photos in the relevant section of the website photographic archive.

See a larger version with the names of the children where known. Any corrections or additions to this information will be gratefully received.


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  1. Elizabeth Roullier-Bunz says:

    Hello all – and Collin!

    My sister found this picture on the website and took great pleasure in pointing out that I was one of only two children ‘not named’….. So I am identifying myself as the young lady standing, second from the right, next to Linda Wills. My name then was just Elizabeth Roullier (no Bunz yet 😉

    Also, a querie as to the date of the picture…. In 1963, I would have been only 6, turning 7 at the end of September….. I think this is more like 1965…. Not that it really matters, I suppose..

    Anyway, I have so enjoyed seeing it and remember all those faces so well. I just loved Mrs. Stirrat.

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