Sulgrave Schoolchildren Photograph from 1963

Photograph courtesy Anthony Barrett

This photograph of Head Teacher Mrs Victoria Stirrat with her senior class was taken in 1963, probably at the end of a village fete. It will be added to other school photos in the relevant section of the website photographic archive.

See a larger version with the names of the children where known. Any corrections or additions to this information will be gratefully received.


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  1. Elizabeth Roullier-Bunz says:

    Hello all – and Collin!

    My sister found this picture on the website and took great pleasure in pointing out that I was one of only two children ‘not named’….. So I am identifying myself as the young lady standing, second from the right, next to Linda Wills. My name then was just Elizabeth Roullier (no Bunz yet 😉

    Also, a querie as to the date of the picture…. In 1963, I would have been only 6, turning 7 at the end of September….. I think this is more like 1965…. Not that it really matters, I suppose..

    Anyway, I have so enjoyed seeing it and remember all those faces so well. I just loved Mrs. Stirrat.

    • Sally Murray-White says:

      Hi Colin,
      I think the school pupils in the group photo had performed some maypole dances at the village fete. I was already at the High School in Brackley, so Liz Roullier is correct in thinking it was most likely 1965. I remember Mrs Stirrat asking me if I would step in, at short notice, as she needed an extra dancer. I think that the other un-named girl may be Caroline Deeks.
      Sally Murray-White (Gascoigne)

  2. Caroline Deeks says:

    I have just seen this photo and can confirm this is me. I have just visited Sulgrave a week ago on a visit to the Uk. We emigrated to Australia in 1966. We lived in Queens House in the early 60s and my dad ran the local shop. On my visit, Joanne generously invited me to look through the house which was so exciting for me. It had barely changed and brought back lovely memories.
    It was great to see the village looking so good. I wish I stayed a couple of days rather than doing a rushed trip.

    I think this photo was from a village fete as I am in fancy dress. I also remember doing the maypole dance. It was such an old fashioned school. I remember we used pen and ink and I got held back after school because of untidy writing. I also remember we learnt Hiawatha by Longfellow.
    Caroline Deeks

    I have some photos of a children’s party I went to in Sulgrave and can send a copy electronically to the website if you are interested

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