Sulgrave in 1927

Another fine picture of the village in former days sent in by Jim Oakley, this time the Thatched House, Manor Cottage and Kiln Farm in 1927.

Click here to see an enlarged version of the photograph. Clearly Kiln Farm had recently been re-thatched and perhaps that was the reason for the photo. The fine tree on the corner was a magnificent elm – one of many in and around the village which were killed by Dutch Elm Disease in 1974/5. It can be seen on the left of this picture taken just before the disease struck, when the lovely group of trees on the right suffered the same fate.

I well remember the elm on the corner and even now, when approaching the village from the north along the Moreton Road, I feel that something is not quite right and then recall that for my first thirty years or so  these trees had dominated my view when entering Sulgrave from this direction.

See here for more pictures of elms and other trees formerly in the Sulgrave landscape.

Colin Wootton


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