Planning Information

The local planning authority for Sulgrave Parish is South Northamptonshire Council, responsible for the determination of planning applications and the formulation of planning policies in accordance with central and regional government guidance.

The village is situated within the Washington Ward of South Northamptonshire (Abthorpe, Foscote, Moreton Pinkney, Plumpton, Sulgrave, Wappenham, Weston and Lois Weedon) and the current Council Member for this ward is Peter Davies, of Moreton Pinkney.

Details of current planning applications in the Parish can be seen here. If you do not have the application reference number, enter “Sulgrave” in the Parish box and enter a search period of, say, one year, to see the latest situation.

Anyone can make representations to the Council about planning applications which have not yet been decided. If making an objection you should always give your reasons. You can email the Planning Department at [email protected] You can also contact your Ward Member (see above) and the Parish Council (see below).

Planning Policy for the Village

In the current South Northamptonshire Local Plan, Sulgrave is designated as a Restricted Infill Village and so, as the name suggests, new development is not generally permitted outside the “confines” of the present built area of the village. However, the Local Plan is currently under review and a draft amended plan will be submitted to the Secretary of State for approval in 2018. However, the policy of generally restricting further development in the village to sites within the “confines line” is expected to continue, with only minor amendments to the line itself. See here for the latest on this situation (as at November 2017).

Conservation Areas

Almost the whole of the built area of Sulgrave Village is designated as a conservation area. A map showing the extent of this area can be seen here. A descriptive statement in respect of the conservation area can be seen here. South Northamptonshire Council’s policy in respect of conservation areas can be seen here.

Listed Buildings

Twenty buildings in the village are listed as being of “Special Architectural or Historic Importance” and a map showing the location of these can be seen here. South Northamptonshire Counci’s policy in respect of Listed Buildings can be seen here.

Tree Preservation Orders

There are a number of trees in the village which are protected by Tree Preservation Orders imposed by South Northamptonshire Council. The council’s policy in respect of such trees can be seen here.

Sulgrave Parish Council

The Parish Council is consulted in respect of planning applications and makes recommendations which are considered by the South Northamptonshire Council Planning Committee when reaching decisions. The Chairman of the Parish Council is Councillor Chris Jackson. See here for details of the other members, the work of the Council, minutes of meetings and how to contact the Clerk.


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