Sulgrave Village Advent Calendar Windows 2023. No 24 on Sunday 24th December. The Village Bus Shelter.

Photograph by Graham Roberts

Kym writes: “Sulgrave advent window no 24, The bus shelter.(which is funny as we don’t have any buses apart from the school coaches) ! Anyway what an absolutely amazing turn out for our last window. I know all of you who came out seemed to love the idea. Little boy jumps out of bed to fly with his friend. I won’t give any more away for those who have not ventured out yet. It will be there for a few more days. The picture was from Jane from their last years window. Her very talented daughter painted it. Most of the windows will continue to be lit up for a few more days too. Thank you again to the shop for sponsoring the food and drink for that night. A big thank you to my team mate Jane and of course Lee and Tony for all their help. Not forgetting thank to Diane for the use of the Xmas tree and Danny and Ryan for the chimney. We have not had the time to do the final tot up but watch this space. Jane and I are going to have a rest now. Bye. Hope you are having a fab time.

Photographs by Graham Roberts.

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See here for details of the Bus Shelter in 2018, including information on its history (and the arrival of the Fish and Chips van!)

Finally my apologies for not being able to attend the various “unveiling parties” personally (other than Christingle and the Carol Service) and my grateful thanks, firstly to the photographers Tony, Graham and Jo and secondly and especially to Kym for her descriptions of each of the events, which helped to bring them alive for me.

Colin Wootton


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