Village Advent Calendar Windows 2022 – No. 1 – The Star Inn

From Christmas 2014 to Christmas 2021, I attended almost every “Advent Calendar Window Unveiling Party” between 1st and 24th December each year, photographing both the windows and the revellers and uploading the results on to the village website – almost 200 events in total! See and scan down to the annual archives for 2014 and later.  During December the number of visits to the website increases dramatically, with much interest in the window decorations from various parts of the world, especially the USA. Unfortunately, during the forthcoming December various family health issues will prevent me from undertaking the photography. However, I would hate to disappoint those who may be looking forward to their daily pre-Christmas visits to Sulgrave and so if interested parties could email me suitable photographs I will do my best to keep the tradition going.

Colin Wootton (Editor Sulgrave Village Website)

I am indebted to Graham Roberts for the following photographs of the first window to be unveiled – at the Star Inn – and some of those who attended on the following page:

See pictures of the revellers on the following page (click on “read the rest of this entry”.








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