PROCLAMATION OF THE ACCESSION OF KING CHARLES III. Parish of Sulgrave, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom. Sunday 11th September 2022

Villagers begin to arrive in the churchyard ready for the announcement



Parish Council Chairman Richard Fonge welcomes everyone and begins with an eloquent appreciation of the life of Her late Majesty and also the recent actions and words of the new King Charles III. He also explains that the union flag is required to fly from the top of the mast during the accession proclamation but will resume its half mast position thereafter for the rest of the mourning period.

The ceremony continues with a moving prayer by Churchwarden Shrimp Christy followed by a minute’s silence for her late Majesty, during which the only sound is the faint flapping of the damp flag against the flag staff.

See next page for details of the proclamation itself and more photos of those present.

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Richard reads the proclamation, which is set out below:



Richard leads “Three Cheers for His Majesty the King” and a singing of the National Anthem, “God Save the King”, so familiar but suddenly so new.

The union flag is returned to half mast.















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