Sulgrave Village Advent Calendar Windows 2021 – No 18 – The Thatched House, Manor Road

Village history recalled. The former Thatched House Tea Rooms temporarily recreated to enliven a dreary afternoon.

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4 Responses to “Sulgrave Village Advent Calendar Windows 2021 – No 18 – The Thatched House, Manor Road”

  1. Angharad says:

    How magical, I remember my brother working the Christmas shift back in he olden days!?

  2. Pamela Wagman says:

    Thank you for taking such wonderful photos Colin of our first get together at Thatched House we are proud to keep the history alive. Couldn’t have happened without brilliant Dan and his pop up tea room ably assisted by Ryan – thanks guys. Happy Christmas and thanks to everyone who attended. Pamela and colin

  3. Sally Murray-White says:

    I had a weekend and holiday job at The Thatched House Hotel when I was still at school. It would have been about 1968-70. Two men ran the business, and, if I remember correctly, they were both named John. I used to make scones, and decorate small cakes in the morning, and then serve teas in the afternoon.
    Many American tourists came on Frames Coaches from London. They would visit Warwick Castle or Compton Wynyates and then Sulgrave Manor. As soon as we saw them coming through the gate, I had to rush round putting fresh pots of tea on the tables. Some groups had ham salads, and there was always beetroot. I had to clear the tables, clean the tops of the salad dressing bottles, and then do the washing up.
    I occasionally helped in the evening, serving dinner. It was the first time I encountered duck a l’orange. It came frozen in a plastic bag, and had to be boiled in a saucepan. I also remember helping out at a couple of wedding receptions.
    I was thrilled to earn some extra money, in addition to babysitting the Cherry boys at Dial House. Angela always used to leave me some supper, and Roger would drive me home. I still do babysitting – for our two grandchildren.

    • Ian Cherry says:

      Hi, I was just wondering what your maiden name was when you were ‘baby sitting’ me back in the 1960’s, are you one of the Gascogne twins ! nice memories of The Thatched House, I had a job there to – mowing the lawns and getting free beer !! Ian Cherry

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