Sulgrave Village Advent Calendar Windows 2021 – No. 1 – The Bus Shelter

The first day of Advent and we are hopefully, fingers crossed, heading for all the happy Christmas celebrations associated with Sulgrave. Once more, 24 volunteers have come forward to decorate their windows with a Christmas theme, to be successively unveiled in the early evening of each of the 24 days of advent. As has become the custom the first “window” is, in fact, the bus shelter, easily found as the village has only one of them (and these days, of course, no buses!) The humble interior has been transformed into an Aladdin’s cave, wherein visitors are invited to “sit and think” for a while before writing a wish on a label and fixing it to the Christmas tree.

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On the afternoon of the 1st December, the bus shelter awaits unveiling after hard work in making the transformation……

and the crowd is expectant………..


,,,,,as are the dogs…..


The interior is revealed.
















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