Pop Up Picnic held on Castle Green – Sunday 11th July 2021

Specially commissioned water colour of Sulgrave Village Shop, with the Caption “Presented by Sulgrave Parish Council in recognition of the Village Shop staff and others who bravely supported our community during the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020/21. We will always be grateful to them.”

Castle Green looked at its very best when the oft postponed Pop Up Picnic finally took place on a bright sunny day ideal for “lunching out”. The event, planned to celebrate the hopeful end of Covid-19 lockdown regulations, had been on the Parish Council Agenda for so long that despair was beginning to set in. It was therefore both with pleasure and relief that Parish Council Chairman, Richard Fonge, was able to welcome some seventy villagers who had made their way to the Green. In doing so he reminded everyone that the Council had organised the event to thank all of the volunteers in the village and in particular those running the community shop for their services to the village during the pandemic. The Council had commissioned a painting of the shop which was received by Colin Wootton on behalf of the whole community. In making the presentation Richard made reference to Colin’s contributions to the village over a long life, notably his work on the village website with its archive of photographs.

Richard also welcomed Councillor Caryl Billingham to the event. She was able to update everyone on progress with the Brackley Community Hospital, some £200,000 having been raised locally for equipment and extras for the eighteen rooms. She thanked Sulgrave villagers for their support with the venture including a further £145 raised on the day.

See here for Colin Wootton’s response on behalf of the village to the presentation of the painting.

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Photo: Richard McCrow





Photo: Richard McCrow

Richard Fonge introduces Councillor Caryl Bellingham


Photo: Richard McCrow



Viewing the painting













Photo: Richard McCrow







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