Villagers Walk for Charity

On Friday 14th May a group of villagers took part in the “Walk for Plunkett Challenge”, helping to raise money to support community groups across the UK. Overall, £7500 was raised and the Sulgrave Volunteers played their part by walking with Plunkett Foundation CEO James Alcock from Westbury Community Shop to Sulgrave Village Shop.

The Plunkett Foundation helps rural communities in the UK to take control of issues affecting them through community ownership. The work includes supporting community owned shops nationwide. Assistance has been rendered to Sulgrave Village Shop – hence the choice of the Westbury to Sulgrave route as part of the overall challenge.

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The walkers leave Westbury. Plunkett Foundation CEO James Alcock in the red and black coat.


The first of the challenges?


….with more to follow. Crossing busy A43 dual carriageway.  (Photo: Chris Behan)


Photo: Christ Behan.


County boundary at the Great Ouse river. Photo: Chris Behan.


Temptation in Turweston. Photo: Chris Behan


Footpath to nowhere? Photo: Chris Behan.


A tired straggler, well off route, photographed by the “Broom Wagon” (Chris Behan).


Delicious tea and cakes at the Village Shop.


Some of the survivors. Photograph: Plunkett Foundation.


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