Summary of “Zoom” Parish Council Meeting held on Thursday 2nd July 2020

Pocket Park notice listing the rules to be observed by visitors

The chairman opened the meeting by welcoming Mr Mike Powell of 9 Spinners cottages to the meeting, and he was duly co opted on to the council. The parish council has now it’s full compliment of six members.

The model standing orders, and financial regulations were then approved.

The idea of a village library had the full support of the council. The chairman reported that the P.C.C had agreed to have the library in the Church. Two volunteers had come forward to set it up and Councillor Priestman would be the council representative. So a library run by the council with the full support of the Church. To be proceeded with when Covid restrictions allow.

An event for the whole village to be held on Castle green on the 19th of September, was agreed. Websters to put on a village picnic. Further details in the August newsletter. An event that not only brings the village together, but will act as a fundraiser for Brackley Community Hospital.

Great improvements to the allotments, with only one unused plot. The council had paid for the ditch to be cleared out. The chairman thanked Graham Trower for getting the small digger and with his many helpers getting the job done.

Councillor Priestman reported that the solar speed sign would soon be installed in Helmdon Rd

Pocket park to be opened on July 4th with appropriate signage. (See photograph above).

Street signs to be re painted in Helmdon Rd and Spinners cottages. New sign to be asked for Manor Rd

Church Hall improvements. Andrew Dixon, on behalf of the Parochial Church Council, had sent a comprehensive report, updating the council on progress. Grant from HS2 soon to be released enabling estimates to be got for work..

Neil Higginson reported on grass cutting . All agreed on the excellence of our contractor
and will sign him up for another three years on the same terms. N.C.C will come and tidy up ash tree in church lane. All other trees under care of council to assessed under duty of care. The Council unanimously expressed its thanks to Ingram Lloyd for her work in reseeding the grass triangle at the junction of School Street and Church Street.

Richard Fonge. Chairman.


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