SWAG’s Treasure Hunt. May 2020. All the winners! All the answers!

Sulgrave Village Shop

Where it all began!

SWAG’s 2020 Treasure Hunt ResultsJoy writes:

Thank you to all who participated in the SWAG’s Treasure Hunt. Some of your answers were very amusing and informative even if incorrect.

Much to our relief no questions proved totally elusive.

The results were extremely close. Well done everyone.

The joint winners with only one incorrect answer were the Ball family, and Donna and Clive Nicholls.

Third was Anthony Barrett

Joint Sixth were Carol and Guy Churchill, the Garnetts and Donald Taylor.

Merit prizes for Jack, Theo, and Alex.

Prizes will be winging their way.

If you would like your marked questionnaire returning please let me know.

Joy 760048


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SWAGS Treasure Hunt – The Answers


Starting at the shop walking towards Manor Road.

Answers can be either side of the road


     1. What is Father Nick doing?

Collecting for Middleton Cheney Food Bank (on notice board outside the shop).


     2. It’s not a digital timepiece. Where am I?

Sundial over the shop door


     3. A rearranged Danger House

Garden House


  1. What infectious disease struck here in 1874?

TB (On the wall of the Old Bake House)


     5. Not Tom or Dick but?

Harry’s Cottage


     6. Where does the Sugar Plum Fairy live?

Nutcracker Cottage


     7. Which house may you find on the Coast?

The Cove


     8. What happens when Postman Pat meets Dr Who at this house?

The letter box turns blue at Bengairn


     9. Your journey to Candleford starts here.



     10. There are two windmills here.

1 Towrise, or The Arches


     11. What do you get for £20.00?

Standard Family Ticket 2 adults 3 children for Sulgrave Manor


     12. JG and TG likes to play which sport and where?

Basket Ball, Lowick (This question was deleted as during the time of the Hunt the basketball net was removed)


     13. No. 11 is outside which house?

The Thatched House Lamp post


     14. Did the local potter live here?

Kiln Cottage


     15. I’ve lost my arms. What am I?

Sign post at the road junction


     16. My name is ABUS. What am I?

Padlock on the gate to the footpath


     17. I’m 3 over 8. What am I?

Water hydrant outside Rectory Farm


     18. I’m called NUTEC . Where am I?

Alarm on Rectory Farm


     19. What happened to me in 1960?

Colonial Dames presented the Woolhouse to Sulgrave Manor


     20. There are 3 notices on this house but one contains an extra word. What is it?

3 Beware of Dogs signs, one containing ‘the’


     21. At DP 126 what does it ask you to do?

Clean it up!


     22. This house receives American type Post?

The Old Manse


     23. Where is a pheasant flying higher than usual?



     24. Where does the dog see the rabbit?

Dipper’s Cottage


     25. There is a bird keeping watch on two large mushrooms?

Eagle House


     26. Is there a Panda hiding in here?

Bamboo outside Eagle Court


     27. Is it Bill or Ben here?

Stone Court (Figure on table in garden)


     28. Don’t get ground down here?

Bentley’s Farm House


     29. This is now a Premiership House?

The Blades (Also accepted Aston House)


     30. Am I a saint?

St Hilary


     31. Don’t pick me in April or June.



     32. Ann lived here?

Green Gables


     33. Pooh might live here.

Corner House


     34. I have a pond in my garden.

Grafton Lodge


     35. Can you see I’ve had my roof raised?

The Old Forge House


     36. Who lived here 1070-1140?

The Normans (Also accepted Ghilo de Picquigny)


     37. No Horses here.

Castle Green (Notice that Horses are not allowed)


     38. How is Joan remembered and since when?

2008 Bench on Castle Green


     39. We are Black, White and Red. How many of us are there?

6 Bollards


     40. Unlikely to find a fox here?

Grafton House, Huntsman on horse with hound


     41. I wanted to be a castle.

The Old Vicarage


     42. Charles 1st was on the throne when this house was built.

Dial Farm House


     43. X marks the spot 5 times.

The Oak Barn


     44. I’m bone dry.

Between 5&6 Spinners Cottages, the Dry Water pump


     45. Where are there two and half pence?

3 Spinners Cottages 2 penny farthings


     46. Where is OX17 1059?

Post Box


In a comment sent to the Website, Maureen Jeffery sums up the views of those taking part:

The Treasure Hunt has been brilliant – even though we already realise we’ve got at least two wrong!
We’ve seen so many people wandering around clutching their question forms and peering at other people’s houses and gardens.
It’s been great to do – a huge thank you to SWAGs for all the work involved in creating the questions, printing off all the copies and so on.
But oh, I so wish we’d walked just a bit further along Helmdon Road! We’ve created a new, but totally wrong answer for the want of a twenty yard stroll!

And finally, here are the quiz masters (and well may they smile!)


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