VE Day 2020. Villagers strolling whilst respecting social distancing pause to chat to those sitting on their drives

Sulgrave’s figure of eight pattern lends itself to an enjoyable stroll taking in all the main streets. Many the houses, especially the older ones, face onto the streets, enabling an exchange of greetings between strollers and residents, greatly valued in the absence of social events. It occurred to the SWAGs (Sulgrave Women’s Action Group) that interest could be added to these daily perambulations by devising a quiz requiring only careful observation to complete. This was duly prepared and questionnaires are freely available from the bus shelter opposite the Village Shop. Alternatively, a copy for printing may be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

All that is needed to complete the questionnaire is a pencil and one or two sharp pairs of eyes. Add your name and contact number and pop it through the door of the Village Shop. Sunday May 31st is the closing date. Answers and results will be made available on this website, in the Newsletter and on the shop notice board after May 31st. Prizes will be awarded but will not, at the present time, include a trip to Disneyland Florida!

Click here to download the questionnaire.



  1. Maureen Jeffery says:

    The Treasure Hunt has been brilliant – even though we already realise we’ve got at least two wrong!
    We’ve seen so many people wandering around clutching their question forms and peering at other people’s houses and gardens.
    It’s been great to do – a huge thank you to SWAGs for all the work involved in creating the questions, printing off all the copies and so on.
    But oh, I so wish we’d walked just a bit further along Helmdon Road! We’ve created a new, but totally wrong answer for the want of a twenty yard stroll!

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