Helmdon Road speed restriction signs in their new position

Richard Fonge writes:

The Council met on a Zoom (remote video) meeting to pass a resolution to enable our clerk to carry out her statuary duties until such time as we can meet again and in a proper manner. A two minute meeting!!

The 30m.p.h signs have now been moved back up the Helmdon Rd and we await the arrival of the solar powered warning speed sign to be put where the 30M.P.H sign was.

This may be delayed under present circumstances, but the grant we were successful in getting to cover the cost of the panel is now in our bank account.#

The April meeting should have been The Annual Parish Meeting where all the organisations within the village and the County and district council representatives give their annual reports to the Parish Council. As this was not possible, could I ask that the village organisations that usually report, submit a report to the village website and the next village newsletter, thereby keeping us informed of their progress.

We have at present a very good contractor mowing and strimming the village, who takes pride in his work, so could I please ask that all vehicles are parked off the grass so he can do his work.

Finally the Council would like to thank all those kind volunteers, helping others in our community, and a very special mention to Sulgrave Village Shop for providing such an excellent service in these difficult times. The dedication and organisation of all concerned is much appreciated by all . Thank You.

Richard Fonge. Chairman.


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