Grant Aid from HS2 Community and Environment Fund approved for Church Hall Improvements

Outside the Church Hall on Village Produce Show Day, September 2011


The CEF fund was created: “…… to add benefit over and above committed mitigation and statutory compensation to communities along the route that are demonstrably disrupted by the construction of Phase One of HS2 from London to West Midlands.”

Sulgrave village has gained a grant of £75,000 from this fund to improve our Village Church Hall. This is the maximum for this type of application; it is under a scheme for ameliorating the disruption that, as a village close to HS2, Sulgrave might suffer. The news arrived a few days ago and the village team of many people who worked hard to assemble the bid for this grant, attended a celebration lunch.

When the possible grants were announced, Ingram Lloyd organized a comprehensive team of Sulgrave residents, who, together with the officer from Peterborough Diocese, had skills to put together the bid for this money.

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Front row: Margaret Watts, Molly Wootton, Janet Smith. Back row: Christopher Jackson, Graham Roberts, Colin Wootton (seated), Henrietta Appleton, Anna Faure, Michael Appleton, Ingram Lloyd, Viv Cain, Andy Cain, Ben Lockhart-Smith.

Ingram explains the roles of those who helped us with the bid for grant aid:

  • Mark Bell, architect for drawing up plans and reviewing them as required by South Northamptonshire Council.
  • Chris Jackson, Chairman of the Parish Council, for detailed statement of increase in traffic and construction works; also for final proof reading
  • Colin Wootton for detailed impact statement on damage to the surrounding countryside and footpaths
  • Margaret Watts, Treasurer, for detailed statement and explanation on the finances of Sulgrave Parochial Church Council
  • Julian Rodway who finalised the questions for the village survey
  • Janet Smith, who manages the hall, for details about hall and its usage over the years
  • David Walker for copy of his petition to the House of Lords on behalf of the Parish Council.
  • Anna Faure for constructing financial spreadsheets; Ingram and Anna for writing, entering and submitting the final detailed bid document
  • Graham Roberts for applying for extra funding

Others who helped with the project include:

  • Michael Appleton, of Carter Jonas surveyors, responsible for Peterborough Glebe property, for accepting that the hall needs renovation and that a new lease will be drawn up
  • Helena Mitchell for initial consultation on best ways to gain people’s views
  • Roger Upton for creating the e-survey site and uploading the questions.
  • Andy Cain for all advice on building work

There are several more hoops that the village team will have to jump through to enable work to be approved and then commissioned, but Sulgrave will be able to enjoy an improved, and smarter Village Church Hall for many years.

Ingram Lloyd.  8 Jan 2019



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