Village Advent Celebrations 2018. December 19th. 14 Spinners Cottages.

Not an umbrella to be seen for the first time in days (but wellington boots continue to be the best option!)

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Mince pies made by the children…….


…..time to sample one…..


……clearly delicious!




















Photograph: Colin Wootton

Spinners Cottages in the early 1950s. Photograph taken from the top of the Church. The village shop was then the home of Sulgrave Billiard Club but was still commonly known as the “Reading Room” which had been its function in the late 1800s. It was built by John Hodges in 1720 as a School House. In his will, John Hodges provided for the salary of a school teacher to instruct ten poor children who were to learn to read, write and cast accounts. Behind the Billiard Room was the builder’s yard, joiner’s workshop and offices of Wootton Bros (Contractors) Ltd until 1987, when the site was redeveloped for housing. The telephone exchange building was much smaller at that time.  The shell of the former windmill can be seen on the skyline and slightly hidden by trees in the middle distance on the right is the Mill House. There was also once a steam driven mill in the same locality. Click here for details of the Sulgrave Mills in an extract from the Parish Appraisal.



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  1. Ingram says:

    was the aerial view taken from the church tower Colin?
    I’m sorry to have missed this opening all the seemed to have been having a great time, and the home made mince pies look delicious!

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