Annual Harvest Supper in the Church Hall. Saturday 6th October.

….Shrimp with her apron and infectious smile….see below

The annual Harvest Supper was held, as always, on the eve of the Harvest Festival Church Service. Rather as at the village school parties of yesteryear, diners provided their own plates, knives and forks (all marked with pieces of coloured wool?) and bottles of wine, merely to drink a toast or two, of course. Cheerful queues soon formed at the tables laden with cold meats, quiches, salads and hot potatoes. The now traditional fruit sweets with meringues followed, after which I had the pleasure of thanking Shrimp and her helpers as follows: “….our wonderful summer now seems to be fading, somewhat reluctantly, into autumn. Harvesting was completed in record time and so here we are once more to celebrate one of the village’s most regular events – the traditional harvest supper. Earlier today I had a look through almost ten years of website photographs of previous celebrations. I was saddened to see how many of our former friends are no longer with us but was heartened to see the youngsters growing up to follow the old traditions. However, the one thing which struck me most forcibly over the entire period was the ever present image of Shrimp with her apron and infectious smile. Without Shrimp and her helpers there would be no harvest supper. I am sure we have once more enjoyed the offerings set before us and the companionship of our friends and neighbours and so I would ask you to join me in expressing your appreciation in the usual way…..

Colin Wootton

For photographs of this year’s supper and access to those of some previous events, click on “…read the rest of this entry..”

















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