“Gospel Bell” Tea Time Concert. Sulgrave Church. 4.00 pm. Sunday 1st July.

Troy Daniels (of Helmdon Road and PC member) is a member of Gospel Bell and he describes Gospel Bell as an ensemble of musicians and singers based in Oxfordshire and Warwickshire, playing gospel blues and country music.

Troy writes: “we play songs from old American poor black (blues) and white (country) music traditions, songs by artists like Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Blind Willy Johnson, etc.  All the songs that we play have been purposely chosen to be recognisable (such as ‘Let the Light From Your Lighthouse Shine on Me’; ‘Glory, Glory, Hallelujah’; and ‘I’ll Fly Away’), all have simple choruses so the audience can sing along with us.  The songs have their basis in rural poverty and contain strong expressions of faith – despite the difficult lives that the song writers and their contemporaries led. We aim to share these songs in different settings. These traditional Gospel songs have an uplifting spiritual edge, blended with musical influences from folk, blues and country. Our regular gigs are inclusive and all are welcome to join us. To reflect this, we describe the coming together of instruments and voices as the Gospel Bell collective. There is a rich tradition of Gospel music and Gospel Bell sustains this by drawing on blues, folk and country music influences to re-create these songs. Our songs are easy to learn and by joining in with voice and instrument, event participants become part of the Gospel Bell collective.”


This will be a great event for all to attend and even sing along with the band!

Tickets to be purchased before the event from Shrimp Christy, Ingram Lloyd or from the Shop.

Cost £10 per adult and all children over 11 years old.  Children under 11 years £2.

Refreshments will include cake, sandwiches and tea.  Any offers of help will be very welcome

This is a fund-raising concert and all proceeds will go to St James the Less


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