Sulgrave Manor in Silk

Parish Councillor Neil Higginson writes:

Not a painting, not a photograph, this picture of Sulgrave Manor is woven in silk and has been in my family for over fifty years. So I knew about Sulgrave Manor and the Washington family since the age of about thirteen and living in the north west I never imagined I would eventually have a view of it from my bedroom window

The very fine weaving in this 3” X 6” picture was to showcase the skills of the silk weavers who worked at the Brocklehurst Whiston Mill in Macclesfield, Cheshire. They produced a large selection of images from Dickensian scenes to the coronation of our queen. This picture was the one I liked the most and it hung on my study wall for many years before moving here. 

Originally this picture was given to my father when he was a senior police officer in the Macclesfield area and I have sometimes wondered whether it was truly ethical for him the accept it. Viv and I chose to live in Sulgrave for family logistical reasons, now settled and enjoying it here but I reckon our silk picture had some kind of influence on us being here. 



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  1. Ingram Lloyd says:

    AMAZING coincidence Neil. what a lovely piece pf silk weaving, presumably it wouldn’t have been unique but has anyone else seen another?

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