Advent Calendar Window No. 8. The Old Bakehouse, Manor Road.

Below zero temperatures and a bitterly cold wind failed to deter party goers sheltering between one of the village’s several bakehouses and the former Methodist Chapel. More pictures in the rest of this entry.






Arrival of the Friday evening butcher’s van……..


……with fresh supplies……


….which are clearly not needed!











In the background of this picture can be seen the former Methodist Chapel, now converted to a house.


The Chapel can be seen in this photograph from about 1910, when a small cottage stood in front of it. This was demolished not long afterwards and the Chapel entrance gate and brick pillars were installed. In the 1950s the Chapel had a considerable congregation, enjoying regular Sunday services taken by visiting Ministers. The then Methodists were clearly keen gardeners and at Harvest Festival the Chapel was filled with fine vegetables of all kinds. On the Monday following the service of thanksgiving, the Chapel was crowded with villagers for the auction of the produce. “Who’ll start me at tuppence for this fine marrow…..threepence……sixpence……a shilling”. This often became very competitive, causing great enjoyment and a useful increase in Chapel funds.


Parish Councillors in the 1970s, discussing the planning application to convert the Chapel to a house. From left to right: Harry Reynolds (who lived nearby in the property now named “Harry’s Cottage”), Tom Stallabrass and Emma Cave (then Sulgrave Church organist).

Colin Wootton



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