Advent Calendar Window No. 6. Forge Cottage, School Street

A rather windy night was no deterrent to the early evening party-goers. 6 down, only 18 to go now!















Those who were not present for Sulgrave Open Gardens day in June last may like to see some photographs of the lovely Forge Cottage gardens on one of the hottest days of the year. In 15 more days the nights will start to draw out once more!

















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  1. Mike Constable says:

    I spent the first years of my life in Forge Cottage before we moved to Helmdon Road. I cannot remember much about it now (70 years ago!) but I have been told that it had no electricity or running water at that time. We still have at least one of the paraffin lamps that was used for illumination. In 1947 the snow was so deep outside the door there that the men dug a path through it to allow access to the shop and there was not room to pass 2 prams.

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