Advent Calendar Window No. 4. The Oak Barn, Magpie Road.

The advent calendar window decoration is on the first floor but the two levels together make for a bright and cheerful entrance to the village at Christmastime.


The attractive ground floor table setting is visible……


….whilst the first floor is temporarily veiled.



After the unveiling, attention turns to…….


….sausage rolls, mince pies, mulled wine…….


….and gingerbread men!






“C’mon… fair!”


And so, good night!







Farming19w1aDial House Farm and Oak Barn in the 1960s (Photo courtesy Roger Cherry)


Farming21w1aFormer inhabitants of the barns (Photo courtesy Roger Cherry)


Farming17w1aPhoto by courtesy of Roger Cherry.

Inside Oak Barn, an early 20th century threshing machine was still in use for cleaning corn in 1968. Roger Cherry on the right and Alf Kimnell on the left. Caption on the back of photo says “one of the veterans still going strong, Cherrys’ Farm (Sulgrave) 1968″ but doesn’t say whether this is a reference to the machine or Alf!




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