The BT Telephone Kiosk

Troy Daniels, Vice Chairman of the Parish Council, writes:

Villagers may have noticed that BT have removed the public pay phone from the kiosk next to the shop.  BT advised the Parish Council in October last year that they would be removing the payphone due to low call numbers.

The Parish Council sought to adopt the telephone kiosk and reuse it to house a defibrillator and village guide for visitors to Sulgrave.  Unfortunately, BT since advised that due to structural safety issues with the telephone kiosk’s foundations, the Parish Council would not be able to adopt the kiosk and that the kiosk would be removed in due course.  The Parish Council also sought to use the site of the kiosk for its own structure to house a defibrillator and village guide once the kiosk was removed.  Unfortunately, BT advised that because the kiosk was on land owned by BT, the Parish Council would not be permitted to place a structure on the site.

BT has not advised the Parish Council of its timeframe for removing the kiosk structure, however it is possible that this could be done in the coming weeks. The work will involve: the removal of the kiosk structure and concrete slab on which it sits; the reinstatement of the surface to match the surroundings; the disconnection of the power supply and its pot ending – the safe sealing of electrical wires below ground level.  Villagers should expect some noise and disruption around the village shop while the work is undertaken.

The Parish Council continues to feel that a village guide and a defibrillator will be of significant value for the village.  The Council will seek to progress these projects and is actively seeking suitable alternative sites.  The Parish Council wishes to thank all villagers and community members who contributed to the village guide and defibrillator project.

Troy Daniels


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