Not happy with your Broadband speed?

Help may be at hand! VONEUS are working with local communities in rural and metro areas to bring them the broadband that they need, consulting with community groups to find the best and most affordable solution.

The company are now exploring the possibility of providing an alternative broadband solution for the village but before anything else can happen they need to know that this is something which people want.

Here’s what you need to know about Voneus:

  • Voneus offer a fixed wireless solution that delivers average speeds of 50mbs (both upload and download)
  • This system is completely independent from your existing BT or ADSL line – so you do not need to keep your current BT landline in order to receive their broadband service
  • They also offer an optional VolP landline, that allows you to keep your existing number and could be used to replace your current landline
  • Data packages include: Essential: 20gb for £20/ month; Freedom: Unlimited (see fair usage policy)  for£34.99/ month
  • Installation costs start at £150 – this may vary depending on the complexity of your property’s installation – but you would be advised of any costs before they go ahead!

If this sounds appealing, or you would like to know more, please send your name, full postal address and contact number to [email protected] to register your interest.

At the moment, the company are simply assessing the probable level of interest in the village, so any contact with them is with no obligation.


Voneus Limited, Southgate Office Village, 1st Floor Block B, 284A Chase Road, London N14 6HF

Telephone: 020 3026 4122


One Response to “Not happy with your Broadband speed?”

  1. Chris Behan says:

    Read the article and been to Voneus website. Not as simple as it seems.

    I have download speeds up to 60MB/sec and never below high twenties. Not an issue for most people in the village. It is not an issue for BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Spotify, Apple Music et al.

    I have unlimited data and my BT cost is considerably less than Voneus and the router is free not £149m.99 as per Voneus.

    The upload speed is always around 10Mb/sec which is adequate for me sending large photographic files to Dropbox.

    My concern is outages. I assume Voneus will use the BT fibre to the village and their own from the BT box in the village to their mast. A microwave link to their mast from the Thorpe Mandeville communication masts could have capacity issues.

    We all remember Vodafone’s outage for a month in the village. What redundancy is built into Voneus system to avoid outages for a long period of time?

    Where would a mast be erected? Déjà vu wind turbines. I guess the Vodafone mast did not require planning permission, but using that has its issues. Poor reception in the Towrise area as there is questionable line of site for the receiving dishes on the houses.

    I have these thoughts to Voneus but have not had a reply.

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