Cricket for Youngsters at Culworth

Cricket was last played in Sulgrave in the early 1950s. The pitch was situated in Madam’s Close. The wicket was enclosed by a post and barbed wire fence, removed to the boundaries on match days. The outfield was regularly mown by the resident cattle. In the absence of a pavilion, players and scorers sheltered under the surrounding trees. As can be imagined, this was a venue which left something to be desired! Culworth, on the other hand, always had and still has, an excellent cricket field, beautifully maintained. As set out above, this facility is available to Sulgrave youngsters for cricket training on Tuesday evenings. Cars can be driven onto the field so that parents can enjoy the game and the lovely view in comfort, if at some risk to windscreens!


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  1. Mike Constable says:

    The last cricket game I can remember in Madam’s Close was a Men v Women match, probably around the time of the Coronation, but it is not true that this was the last cricket pitch in the Village. A new crease was established off Helmdon Road, across a field. A new pavilion, which looked as if it had been made from packing cases from Export Packing at Chipping Warden was erected in the far hedge and the ruins of that pavilion were still visible when I left the village in the late 60s. I haven’t got the field name map to hand but I have a feeling it was Jakemans. Belonged to either Dennis or George Gascoigne then. Slightly sloping outfield although the actual pitch was reasonably flat. I don’t think it was in use for very long, but it definitely post dated Madams Close as a cricket pitch. I could see it from my bedroom window.

  2. I played for Greatworth against Sulgrave in the early sixties in the field mentioned by Mike Constable. The pitch was midway between Bentlys Farmhouse and Caves’. I think Sulgrave entered the South Northants League for a couple of seasons before closing. The field belongs to the Adkins family .

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