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See next page for photographs of Advent Calendar Windows Nos. 1 Village Shop. 2 High Barn, Manor Road. 3 12 Spinners Cottages. 4 Nutcracker Cottage, Manor Road. 5 Bengairn, Manor Road. 12 Eagle House, Helmdon Road.  17 Harry’s Cottage, Manor Road. 23 Church Cottage, Church Street.


Advent Calendar Window No 1 – Sulgrave Village Shop



Advent Calendar Window No 2 – High Barn, Manor Road



Advent Calendar Window No 3 – 12 Spinners Cottages



Advent Calendar Window No 4 – Nutcracker Cottage, Manor Road


Photograph – Andrew Waite


Advent Calendar Window No 5 – Bengairn, Manor Road

(To follow)


Advent Calendar Window No 12 – Eagle House, Helmdon Road



Advent Calendar Window No 17 – Harry’s Cottage, Manor Road



Could this possibly be the first ever knitted Christmas pudding?



Advent Calendar Window No. 23. Church Cottage, Church Street.

(Very modern shepherds on their quad bikes!)








Very nostalgic for those of us old enough to have received basic Meccano sets as one of our first Christmas presents, followed by others on a yearly basis, culminating in one with sufficient cogs to make workable gearboxes and differentials.


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  1. Ingram says:

    Thank you so much Colin for all your support in photographing the windows and for running our wonderful village website. The village turnout for each opening was excellent, maybe standing in the gutter at about 5.30 each evening drinking some mulled wine was the final pull! More next year, I gather that some are already planning a window, no pressure for anyone else.

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