Latest News for Vodafone Users in Sulgrave

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Vodafone’s well deserved reputation as the only reliable network in the village has taken a knock in recent weeks, with weak and intermittent contacts.

James Garnett is a corporate user of the network as Commercial Manager for Vodafone Group Plc at IBM Sales and Distribution. He has taken this matter up with the Vodafone Network Team at Newbury, who have responded as follows:

From Vodafone Network Team

Good evening James,
Thank you for your email.
I have checked your case for updates and it looks as though we have a couple of issues to contend with to get the site up and running. The main one being a line of sight issue due to overgrown trees causing the loss of service coupled with a hardware failure. Our engineers have a visit to the site booked for the end of the month to swap out some hardware while we await the attendance of a tree surgeon to resolve the line of site problem. The replacing of the hardware should hopefully bring the site back online but until the tree surgeon attends to the line of sight issue the service will expectedly continue to be degraded.
We do not have any confirmed date for the attendance of the tree surgeon at present but we will continue to monitor your case for updates and will be in touch with you when we receive them.

We can only apologise for the inconvenience caused and the delay in resolving the issues affecting you.

Look for further information from James on this website as the matter proceeds.


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